Monday, December 19, 2011

The Help

This book isn't what I normally read, so I never thought I would read it. But, I just kept seeing it on Amazon, and bestsellers lists, and then I saw there was a movie about it. I kept hearing so many good things about this book I decided, I would give it a try. And, I am really glad I did because it is one of my favorite books I have read in a while!

My mom was born in 1963, so this is book is about two generations before me and I didn't know that much about what was going on in the South back then expect the small bit they taught us in school. This book is an eye opener to what was going on during that time. There is a lot of historical references to that time period in this book. So not only was I enjoying the storyline but I was also learning from the bits and pieces of history she added in.

There is humor, sadness, and fear in the book. Minny is hilarious with her Terrible Awful story and her personality. But, at the same time you feel for her and you feel bad for her with her living situation with her husband. Minny is out going and loud just as Aibileen is soft spoken and clever. Each maid has their own stories, their own hardships and their own personalities that shine throughout the book.

Then, there is Skeeter with her awkward appearances and just being plain different from the other girls. She feels the need to have change, to write and be a journalist while all her friends just want to marry and have babies. Then there is silly Celia, she is so great to read about but at the same time it hurts to read about her problems as well.

Gosh, I really did enjoy this book! I could not put it down. And now that I am done I still want to read about their stories!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Clockwork Prince, by Cassandra Clare

5 out of 5 Stars

Clockwork Prince, the second book in the Infernal Device series, is even better than the first! You really get to understand the characters. You get to understand why Will doesn't show his true emotions to anyone. You really feel for Jem as you understand him and his illness better. You also get to better understand the relationship between Charlotte and Henry as their relationship unfolds.

But, I do feel bad for the two main male characters Will and Jem. It seems like they don't really have much of a social life. As soon as the first new girl comes and lives them, Tessa, they both instantly fall head over heels in love with her. Of course, without each other knowing they are going for the same girl. You could see there affection for Tessa in the first book, but this one the love for her blossoms even more from the two of them. And, even Tessa is falling for both Will and Jem. But, in the end she can only pick one of them.

The book isn't just about a lovers triangle though. They're on the trail of Mortmain, trying to find out where is hiding before he unleashes the automatons on the shadowhunters, and London. They try to find out more about him and just why he wants to take revenge on the Shadowhunters.

The book is full of details and interweaving of plots ending with questions left unanswered at the end of the book so you are fully ready to start the next one! I really enjoyed this book, I think right now I like the characters better in this series than in the mortal instrument series. They have so much depth and you really feel for them. There is a heart wrenching part in the book that you really feel for this one character after everything they have gone through. I love it when a book brings out so much emotion!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scorpio races

This is a world where seahorses are large, sinewy, hungry, dangerous creatures, called Capaill uisce, that stumble ashore a small island in the middle of the Atlantic every October and wreak havoc on the townspeople. Where the townspeople have made a tradition out of this event and every year in the month of October go out and catch themselves a Capall uisce to race in the dangerous Scorpio Races where at least one man dies every year.

Puck, stuck between a rock and a hard spot in her life, decides to race in the Scorpio Races in hopes to win and use the money to wipe away all her troubles. But Puck barely has any experience with the races and really doesn't even know exactly what happens in this dangerous race. But times are tough for her and the only answer for her is to win the race. On the other end of the spectrum, Sean Kendrick has won the races 4 times all ready and knows everything you need to know about the races and the dangerous creatures, the Capaill uisce. But he is racing for other reasons, and one of those reasons is his Capall uisce Corr.

This is a great book. Tons of emotion and adventure. You really get to know the characters. Even the horses have such depth to them that you feel for them as well. You really get to know Puck, Sean, Dove and Corr. Also, the villain of the book Mutt Malvern really strikes a nerve with you and you instantly hate him like the other characters in the book.

I think this book might be based maybe in the late 20s early 30s. It has that old fashion vibe to it, but it doesn't really give you any hints to when it takes place. But that doesn't really matter because the plot really takes you and there is so much more that is going on that you really don't even need to know what era it is.

Even after the books ends, you want to continue on with the characters, but alas, I believe this book is a one trick pony, as in there is no books after it. But if I am wrong please correct me!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crossed by Ally Condie

4 out of 5 stars second book in the Matched Trilogy

I fell in love with the book Matched as soon as I started to read it and I couldn't wait for the new book to come out to read. After reading Crossed I am not sure exactly which one I like more. Crossed in a very different, new, environment than Matched was. It is also narrated by not only Cassia but also, Ky. There is a lot answers in Crossed, but it also brings up a bunch of new questions. And at the end of the book it leaves me asking Who?!?

In my opinion the 1st half of the book, is very exciting and an easy read. But as soon as the book reached the halfway point it kinda went into a stand still. Parts were confusing to me as to who was narrating and it just felt so much more slow. The last half has a lot of Ky focusing on parts of his past and it help with the storyline it's just not as exciting.

The book ends with a little bit of a cliff hanger instantly making you want to know what happens next. So, there is definitely going to be another book, the only sad part is, probably have to wait a year before it comes out.

If you liked the series Hunger Games, Forest of Hands and Teeth, Uglies or even Inside Out you will probably like this book. I think it is more closely related to Forest of Hands and Teeth and Uglies then Hunger Games but it does have some aspects of all those series in this book.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Son of Neptune

Percy Jackson is back! Along with a couple new friends, Hazel and Frank. Just like Jason Grace in the last book of the series, Percy has lost all his memories. And needs to go on a quest in order to get all his memories back from Juno. The book is action pack and a great adventure.

There is a lot of Roman mythology in this one, as Percy finds himself in the Roman camp, Camp Jupiter. Romans are a lot different than Greeks. For one thing they are a lot stricter. Both camps have a lot of difference and this book shows in great detail the differences. Percy knows he is initially from a camp but Camp Jupiter feels wrong to him in some way. But, he must gain the trust of the campers there even though they know he is different.

In the end, the two books of the series are pulled together as one and readies itself for the seven in the prophecy.

I can't wait for the next one, I want to know what happens next. I can already imagine what Percy or Jason will do next and I can't wait to read it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Night Circus

The Night Circus is a very whimsical and magical book, almost every detail ties together perfectly in the end. The story follows two magicians in a competition Celia and Marco. Then there is another story that begins many years after Celia and Marcos story of boy named Bailey and two years in his life when the circus came to his town. Slowly the two stories going back and forth between the two intersect nicely at the very end.

The Night Circus also pulls at the beginning of each new section describing a part of the circus as if you yourself are actually there enjoy the circus. It brings in the circus smells and atmosphere so nicely that you can easily imagine that you are at this magical circus yourself.

Some characters are more enjoyable to read about than others. Celia seems so distance and static but Marco seems to have more qualities and determinations. Each character has there part in this book and everything has a meaning in the end. I almost feel like I have to reread it at the end to understand things that had happened at the beginning.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A discovery of witches

Ugh, this book is way way to long. So much so, that I couldn't finish reading it. I am over 50% done but I think I lost interested at the first couple chapters of Diana just researching, rowing, and doing yoga. Nothing suspenseful happens in this book, it just drags on. And, after reading some reviews that nothing ever happens in this book I decided to end my suffering and just stop reading it.

There were a couple good parts in the book that peaked my interest a bit, and made me think, oh now we are going somewhere! But, then it was followed by pages and pages and pages of dull details of how Diana slept, or went riding, or did research. 600 page is way to long and I just couldn't finish it.

Monday, September 26, 2011


The Leviathan series is such a great series, and I wish this one wasn't the last one but I think it is. I love how the author intertwines real history and fiction to make an exciting novel! Goliath has just as much history as the previous two. And, just like the previous two novels, at the end of the book the author tells you a little bit more history as he separates what really happened in real life and what he made up in the book.

I found myself rooting for Deryn and Alek the entire book. Wonder when and if Deryn's closely hid secret would come out and what would the consequences entail. Bovril is just as perspicacious as ever in this book and the little snatches of words he said always made me smirk. But in this book Bovril is becoming even more perspicacious and figures a lot of stuff out before anyone else does. It is fun to read Bovril little clues in the words he repeats.

If you wanted more fabricated beasties and clanker machines then this book will not disappoint. There is a bunch more fabricated beasties and new clanker machines that make an appearance in this book and illustrations to show them off as well. The Leviathan also goes flying to more than one new country and is always in a new adventure with Deryn right smack in the middle of it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Power of Six

2nd book in the Lorien Legacies, after I am number 4

There is a bunch more mogadorians and their evil creatures, more members of the Garde that you get to know, and there is a bunch more action! This book is packed with action, more than the first book.

With the Mogadorians and the FBI on their heels, John, Six and Sam must find places to hide away. It is now time for John to learn how to fight with his legacies and about the items in his chest before it becomes to late. At the same time, Marina, number seven, is in Spain stuck in a orphanage with her Cepan who has given up hope, and the Mogadorians are closing in. The book goes back in forth from Marinas point of view to Johns. Each both having problems of their own to face.

I really enjoyed reading this book, there are some main character deaths, a bit more history of the Lorien nine, and a couple small twist that I didn't see coming. The ending leaves you wanting to know what happens next. It is the calm before the storm...seems like the author hasn't even got to the good stuff yet at the end of this book.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Torment -

After the angel fight in Sword & Cross, Luce is flown away to the other side of the states to be protected at a school called Shoreline in Fort Bragg CA. Here, Luce seems to have a bit of fame, everyone who is a nephilim at this school knows Luce's epic love story with Daniel, even better than she does.

Here Luce tries to figure out her relationship with Daniel, is it all it is cracked up to be. Being she has only know him for a bit and he seems to belittle her every chance he gets. Which is quite frustrating in my opinion. But, she is also trying to figure herself out, to figure out her past, to figure out the things Daniel is not telling her.

I was excited to see the novel take place in a place I love and have been to, Fort Bragg! I have been their many times in my life and was excited to be able to picture the place in my head as I read. But, I sadly realized, that the author may have never been their herself. Getting facts wrong like Marines that are stationed there...that is the other Fort Bragg in NC. I know it is a fictional book, but I thought since she was using a real town, she would use real facts about that town.

There are a lot of new things in this book, new school, new friends, even Luce seems to have a new outlook on things. Instead of all Fallen Angel friends, Luce now has Nephilim friends: Miles, Shelby, Dawn and Jasmine. I do love the personality of all the characters, that is my favorite part of the book, the storyline may be blah and frustrating but the characters are pretty filled out and interesting.

In the end, I still had questions, didn't seem like much was answered from the first book and this one just added more. I don't want to give any thing away but her boy relationships are just so frustrating. And, for the fact that everyone knows her story and all the angels stories, then there is a part where she doesn't bring up Cam to someone because they wouldn't know who he is...kind of contradicts the part that he is in their history books. Things just didn't click for me in this book.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Supernaturally - Kiersten White

Evie finally got her own locker! But that doesn't mean everything is perfectly normal now, quite the opposite actually. After figuring out she was an Empty One, now Evie is trying to figure out exactly where is fits in.

I really enjoyed this book, but I liked Paranormalcy much more than this one. In Paranormalcy it was hard to figure out where the plot was heading, in this one I was able to figure out what was going on before Evie. And I kept thinking, why hasn't she figured it out already! It is right there in front of her nose! So when was finally revealed, I wasn't shocked. But, don't get me wrong! This book is great! I mean it starts out with the sentence, "Oh, bleep. I was going to die" and then heads right into the adventure. There is tons of funny laugh out loud moments just like Paranormalcy as well.

There is a new character in this one, Jack. And you get to learn a bit about the characters in the previous novel. You really get to understand Arianna better. And you get to learn about Evie's past and what exactly happened to her when she was lost as a child.

There is a part of the plot that is left hanging in the end. Throughout the novel it is subtly regarded in between all the things happening to Evie, so it is almost easy to forget that it was left and not answered at the end of the book. Hopefully that part is answered in the next book, Endlessly!

************The spoiler of what was left hanging*********************

Throughout the book elementals are going missing. Lends mother is not even answering their calls. Paranormals are looking at Evie funny, and all the secret meetings Nona is having with other paranormals. None of that is addressed at the end of the book. What are happening to all the elementals paranormals? What is going on in the Paranormal world? Why are all these new paranormals popping up? I hope that is all answered in the next one!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Just finished reading Paranormalcy to get ready for Supernaturally. I just love Paranormalcy it is a great funny book and I can't wait for the next one it comes out tomorrow! But for now, I am going to read Torment...but I probably won't be able to finish it because I won't be able to wait to start Supernaturally tomorrow!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fallen - Lauren Kate

Have you ever had that feeling like you knew someone from before when you meet them for the first time? That is how Luce feels about Daniel. The whole novel she is tugging at this feeling she has, this itch at the back of her mind that she has known Daniel from somewhere before. The prologue tells you she does but just enough to wet your appetite for this book. Throughout the novel you get bits and pieces of who they really are.

I thought all the characters had great and unique personalities. Penn the book worm with her layers of clothes, Arriane with her craziness, Gabbe with her southern drawl. All are different and fun to read about.

Great book, very enticing to read, keeps you guessing and wanting more from the ominous black shadows that follow Luce around, to her haunted past, to her quirky friends. If you read and liked Hush Hush you will like this book. Also, the love story is similar to Twilight, that feeling of urgent love.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray

Beauty Queens is a funny story, but at times quite annoying with the excess stuff like Commercial breaks and footnote that would take way from the story. I know the author is trying to make fun of politics, reality shows, government, etc...but sometimes she just went a little overboard making the book unappealing to read.

The book is about 14 surviving beauty queens whose plane crashed onto an island. They learn to live on the island while waiting for rescue, but rescue might never come. Each girl has their own personalities. There is the ditzy girl, the pre pre med girl, the smart girl, the girl with the dark secret etc. Out of the 14 girls 10 are named. 4 are left to be called Miss Ohio, Miss New Mexico, Miss Montana and Miss Arkansas. There is a reason to this later on. For a while, I actually thought Miss Arkansas died and I skipped over it in the book because she never ever is referenced in the book but only once. Almost, to the end of the book they say Miss Arkansas name again, but for most of the book, I kept thinking what happened to Miss Arkansas? Because everyone had dialogue but her.

You get to learn the history of the 10 girls that are named, and learn why they went into the Miss dream pageant. It was interesting learning their back stories. They all had different reasons to be a beauty queen and they are not as dumb as you think!

I think I would have liked the book more if it had less snarky footnotes and commerical breaks.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Witches of East End - Melissa de la Cruz

The three Beauchamp woman have been restricted from using magic for centuries and have stayed pretty much magic free the entire time. Until one day Freya decides she doesn't want to be constrained anymore and just wants to do something small to help someone. Then, one by one they have an excuse to do a small bit magic, until it escalates into a larger problem! But that's not all happening in North Hampton, there is something new and strange that has arrived in town, something wicked.

The three Beauchamp ladies are: Freya about to be engaged, reads intense emotions and does love spells. Ingrid seer, healer and Librarian. Joanna mother, renovator and makes inanimate objects come to life.

Witches of East End is a riveting book, kept me wanting more the entire time. Melissa De La Cruz does an excellent job flowing the story. It was an easy read and I wasn't disappointed. The ending set up the next novel in the series as well.

I have never read the Blue Blood series, but it is crossed referenced a lot in this novel. Some of the characters from the Blue Blood series makes an appearance and it almost makes you want to know what is going on in that series from the way she places them in this book.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cordovan Vault - J Monkeys

Quinn and Kayla never liked each other in school, always pulling pranks on each other. Things get worst when Quinn's guardian Lorelei, his sister, falls in love with Kayla's guardian Jim, her brother, and they end up under the same roof together! Then, Jim and Lorelei marry! What is worst than that, Jim and Lorelei ditch their wedding reception for no apparent reason ultimately leaving Quinn and Kayla alone...together.

Quinn and Kayla are able to put away their differences as they try to figure out why their siblings left so abruptly for no apparent reason. Hoping for explanation at home, after the reception, all they find is a note saying they went to Philly instead of Hawaii for their honeymoon and an old letter from Kayla's mother that Jim wants her to solve. This leads to a purple key, a diary, a static phone call at 3am in the morning, hidden room in their pantry with a CD saying "PLAY ME" and a explanation on it saying "We are not who you think we are", and then their house exploding! All in one night!

Their findings lead them to Philly with the purpose of finding who they really are, where their siblings are, and who is trying to hurt them!

This books reminds me a lot of Da Vinci Code meets National Treasure meets a Rick Rhordian novel. This book even mentions one of Rick Rhordian novels, which I thought was funny. The beginning is very fast pace from the get go with one thing happening after another with action and adventure. But, as soon as they get to the Last Tain things start to slow down to a crawl as they are trying to figure out how to find their brother and sister and make money so they could continue on their quest.

Their are some things that confused me a bit, like for two kids trying to stay hidden, they were sure exposing themselves with easy access as they promoted the coffee bar and Quinn's music. Another thing that confused me was at one point Kayla is doing a search about Blue Hydrangea flowers and the page she finds has nothing to do whatsoever about the flowers but suspiciously about who might be following them, I didn't get how the two connected.

Thought the historical references were pretty cool especially the reference to door colors, but when I googled that to learn more I couldn't find any info about it and actually found out Red doors have a different meaning than said in the book. But their is lots of historical reference that were interesting to read about. I love learning bits of history in novels, putting truth in fiction is my favorite. I am not sure exactly if this book does that or not with my findings of door colors but it was still interesting!

The paranormal parts of the book are a little vague, and I am hoping the next book gets more into what they exactly are, are they witches, aliens, something else? There is still a lot happening after the book ends so their is lot to look forward to in the next book!

I really enjoyed this book, there are very subtle clues at the book progresses and if you catch on to them you might figure out the clue before the characters in the book do! Very fun to read and I look forward to the next one!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coexist (Keegan's Chronicles) - Julia Crane

Keegan lives like a human being, but she is really an elf. She has the main elf power of invisibility and the inner eye. And she is very excited to meet her life mate when she comes to age. In elf society a life mate is chosen for you but you can not see your life mate until you are the age of 18. Life mates are cloaked from each other till the youngest turns 18 and they know nothing about each other not even there name. But Keegan's situation is special, her brother Thaddeus, a seer, has told Keegan her life mates name: Rourk. Now she constantly thinks of Rourk's name.

Every time Keegan thinks of Rourk's name, he gets a mental picture of where Keegan is. At first it was easy for him to ignore it but now every time she thinks of his name he must go and find her and see what she is doing. He knows what she looks like, but he doesn't know her name. And she doesn't know what he looks like all she knows is his name.

Everything seems simple and everyday for Keegan until her and her friends go to a new age fair and Keegan encounters a dark elf. When she tells her parents what happens, her parents get all panic stricken and inform Keegan that things have been happening that she hadn't known about, and now it is time for her to know!

The story for me feels a bit off, disjointed. There are paragraphs just placed in places that don't go along with the previous paragraph just so that specific thing can be referenced later on. Things happen too quickly and things that don't need to be described are, when big events are not described enough. The concept is interesting and different but it doesn't fully flow well in my opinion.

****May be spoilers below****

There are many things that bothered me in this novel to make me give it three stars. When Keegan tells her parents about the dark elf she sees at the new age fair they get all scared. They inform her about the war that has been going on since the beginning of time shielded from human eyes and her father is the chosen one. And now the time is growing near and her family must prepare all because she saw a dark elf at a fair. No other back story other than that. No reason why the father is the chosen one. Also, the parents get all mad that she went to the new age fair because that is where you run into dark fairies. Well...later on it is known that there are creatures everywhere. So, why couldn't she had seen a dark fairy at starbucks?

Thaddeus, Keegan's brother, is this big important seer/warrior. And he is not allowed to interfere with fate. So he doesn't tell his sister about something bad that happens but it is okay for him to interfere and tell Keegan Rourks name so he could help her in a time of need? It is also told he is the prophecy child, but there is no backstory to that. How did he become the prophecy child what is the prophecy?

Thing don't go together well, don't seem to mesh well. There is a point where she just learns about the war that is happening, her father is the chosen one, and she goes up to her room to read text messages and swoon over guys. Or Keegan can walk briskly to her favorite starbucks or think about walking to a party with her friends from her house. But at the same time she lives on a 70 acre lot with farmland everywhere and a long windy driveway.

There are conversations not needed, for instant she talks to a friend about helping with english later and then that is all it isn't talked about again, just that bit of conversation for no reason. Then there are paragraphs that are just placed there that don't go with the rest of the page. There is a brief paragraph where Donald is talking to Keegan but she was too busy thinking of Ireland and he bolts...the only reason that is there is to set up a scene later on where he is in Ireland helping with the fight. But the paragraph just seems to float there disjointed from the rest of the story.

The romance is rushed and annoying. Before they even say hi or one word to each other they are lip locked and everyone is cheering and clapping. They don't even know each other, they have barely met before and just because they are chosen for each other it is okay to kiss right away? And everyone cheering? Why would they care? There is so much emphasis put on Keegan like she is a Queen or something but no reason why. Everyone is dying but everything still goes on, but when it happens to her the world stops and no one can move except her loved ones. Or no on talks until she wakes up. How is she any different than anyone else?

Things conflict as well. It is mentioned many times that partners are cloaked from each other till 18 but Keegan's mother tells a story about how Keegan's mother and father met before they were 18 and destined to be together.

Small things that bother me: Rourk kills a human just because he is foddling Keegan after she was crowd surfing. The battle scenes are very rushed and there is this sentence where Keegan decides to check out the battle for the first time, sees a friend get hurt, runs to rescue him, and "kills a couple men before she made it" like no biggie it is an everyday thing. Or Keegan wants know know why they don't telport and her mom says "your father likes to get frequent flyer points" well that doesn't make sense because you only need frequent flyer points to get free mileage...which you don't need if you are telporting it is a weak answer that doesn't really answer the question.

This book just needed to be thought out better, more details where needed to help the story line and plot. Places felt rushed and disjointed. Didn't run together smoothly. But, it was a very interesting concept. I enjoyed the connection between Rourk and Keegan how she thought of his name and he could see her that was neat.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Beastly - Alex Finn

I, like probably many others, decided to read this book because of the movie that just came out. Although, I have not watched the movie yet but I have finished this book. I really enjoyed it! I haven't watched Beauty and the Beast (The Disney movie) for a very long time, and have forgotten a lot that happens in the movie, but as I read this book I began to remember bits and pieces of Beauty and the Beast and it was fun to remember the childhood memories from the movie by reading this book.

Beastly starts off with Kyle, the most handsome 9th grader at Tuttle, a private school for most rich kids. He has just been elected prince for Spring Dance Court, and pretty much knows he has it in the bag. Kyle comes across very snobby, rich and arrogant. He is a true friend to no one and doesn't care about anyone but his self and doesn't mind putting someone down for the benefit of a laugh. The author does a great job making him unlikeable to the reader.

He plays a joke on an ugly girl at school, but instead of crying and running away like he thought she just shrugs it off and seems pleased that he did exactly what she thought he would. And by playing the joke it gave her the opportunity to put a spell on him...a spell to make him as ugly as he is in the inside out, a beast. And he can only break the spell if someone is to love him and kisses him with true love before 2 years are up...but that is kind of hard when he is an ugly beast.

It is a very great story told in the view of the beast. How he coops with the curse that was put upon him. How he goes to every surgeon his father can buy and no one can help. And soon his father can't even stand to be around the beast and sends him off with the maid to live alone. The story does a really good job showing how Kyles personality changes, it changes so much that he ends up changing his name to go with his new personality.

The story is punctuated between parts of the book with a Forum chat lead by Mr. Anderson. A chat where humans that have been turned into creatures can go to discuss how it has changed there life. The screen names in the chat are: Froggie, Grizzlyguy, and BeastNYC all from fairy tales where princes are turned into creatures. There is also SlientMaid who is thinking about getting a transformation to be with the sailor she rescued.

This a really fun and entertaining twist of beauty and the beast. There are a bunch of funny quotes in the book like "Of course, maybe I'd end up like one of those crazy old people with, like, sixty cats. And one day, the neighbors would complain about the smell, and it would turn out I'd died and the cats had eaten me"

This book has made me want to read more of this authors fairy tale books with a twist I really like how she portrays an old story and makes it fun and different!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Girl vs Ghost - Kate McMurry & Marie August

Isabel and Tripp have been friends since 4th grade. Despite Tripp's the constant stream of new and different hobbies Isabel has stuck through them all with Tripp and even enjoyed a few. But, when Tripp begins to dapple in witchcraft and summoning Isabel has decided this isn't one that she would want to partake in, especially when she keeps having an eerie feeling that someone is watching them as Tripp does her seances. But, Isabel sticks it out and holds her candle throughout the rituals to pacify Tripp.

Not really expecting anything to happen during Tripp's seances, Isabel is stunned when a guy falls from the sky and into there salt circle. She is even more stunned when Tripp cannot see or hear this strange guy in her room and then proclaims he must be a ghost! Not only is Isabel the only that can see and hear this ghost, but she is also tethered to him. Literally tethered by a glowing orange rope no longer than 5ft. And, not only that but the ghost has no memory of who is he, or when he died.

All Isabel wants is to unleash herself from this ghost, before it ruins her life! But Tripp doesn't think it is all the bad and wants to figure out who this ghost is and help him out. So, in order for Isabel to be freed of him she must go on a quest to find out what happened to him and why he is tethered to her!

The beginning starts a little slow for me, and it is a bit confusing. But over half way through the book the pieces began to fall together and make more sense. Also the story began to pick up the pace and I really started to enjoy the book. Things aren't the way the seemed as the story continues on.

I think Tripp and Isabel are supposed to be 17? But, they come across much younger in my opinion. For instance, when they are in the thick of things trying to save Marc the ghost, Tripp tell Isabel that she has to play the part as Marc's girlfriend to find out more information. But, Isabel's first reaction to that situation is "Eeuuw" which seems a little juvenile of a response, especially for a girl in advance placement classes. And some of the dialogue is a little corny at times but I still enjoyed it.

There are also illustrations at the beginning of each chapter which gives you a glimpse of what is going to happen in the following chapter.

All in all, I liked the book it took me awhile to really get into and really enjoy it. The next book in the series is Witch vs Wizard which is about two characters from Girl vs Ghost. Tripp and Parker.

Monday, June 13, 2011

DemonGlass - Rachel Hawkins

Sophie's been attached by a werewolf, had semester long cellar duty, nearly murdered by a warlock working for the eye, found out she is a demon, seen a girl murdered by her great grandmother, found out her dad is the head of the council...and that was only the 1st semester at Hex Hall! And this book starts out with her tied up and thrown in a pond that demons, which she is, cannot escape from!

Sophie is having a hard time dealing with the fact she is a demon. Afraid that she might "monster" out and eat her friends she has asked to go through the Removal process. The removal removes the demon part of her so she no longer has powers. But, the Removal process might kill her, so her dad makes her a deal. He asks her to come with him to England for the summer to learn about her demon side. And, if after the summer she still wants to go through the process after everything she learns then she can. But, Sophie doesn't just accept to learn about her demon side, she has accepts because there is a chance she can spot Archer in England were rumors have been saying he has been.

Sophie's thinks her chances to find Archer diminish when her dad takes her, Jenna, and Cal (Sophie's betrothed) to a village three hours from London to keep Sophie safe...but Sophie still finds a way to get in trouble and to find Archer...

The demon raising part is a little confusing to me in this book. It is said that by only using the Grimoire you can raise demons. But, in the last book 4 students raised a demon with out it. So, unless I am missing something, it seems like the book is contradicting itself. But, that is the only thing that bothered me the rest of the book was great! Tons of excitement, I just could not put the book down...and then when the book ended! I was so upset because there is tons left unanswered! I want to know so much more, what happens to the Characters? It leaves you in a big cliff hanger.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tiger's Curse - Colleen Houck

Kelsey has just graduated high school and now needs to find a job. Luckily for her the employment agency had one for her, working as a temp for 2 weeks at the circus that just came into town. Kelsey's job includes, cleaning, selling tickets and taking care of the animals. One of those animals is a gorgeous white tiger that she takes a liking too. When the circus sells off the tiger to a rich connoisseur, Kelsey is asked to go along to India with the tiger to take care of it during the trip; since she had such a great connection with him. But, as soon as she gets to India she finds out that isn't the only reason she was chosen to come.

I thought this book would be a great book because of all the 5 star reviews and the lack of 1 and 2 stars...but this book barely peaked my interest. The prologue was my favorite part, it made the book look exciting. But after that, when Kelsey started to narrate, it seemed to go down hill from there.

There is way too much details in the book. Some of it is not really needed. Like step by step of everything Kelsey does right down to pulling her heel into her shoe. So much detail that it almost takes away from the story. There is a huge long discussion about the cars in India vs the cars in United states. That wasn't really needed, just took up room and did not help the plot at all. And, every time Kelsey touch the tiger she had to wash her hands, and make it clear that she needed to wash her hands because tiger licks are oh so disgusting.

**********May contain spoilers*********

Usually when something key happens in the book it is because it will strengthen the plot or have a key reference later on in the book. But there are some events that are added for no other reason than to add page numbers. For instance, there is a part when Kelsey is in India, in the jungle standing under a waterfall and a rock falls on her head and she goes unconscious. That whole part has nothing to do with the rest of the book, it is just a long segment of her getting a bump on her head. It is boring, and not needed. The book is huge anyway so really there was no need for it.

There are also lame excuses for the narrator to follow where the action may take place, to continue on with the story. Like Kelsey must come with one of the characters because Kelsey is known for causing trouble when left on her own. Even though, there is no evidence to support that she does get into trouble on her own actually it is the opposite. Or when Ren goes to look for his brother in the jungle, Kelsey must come because she might be able to help? But in fact she doesn't really help and it would have probably been better for her to wait in the jeep but then what kind of story would that be? And, the story would have been shorter.

At the beginning of the book a man turns Ren and his brother into tigers because he wants the amulets but then, what? just lets the tigers go free even though one of them is carrying one of the amulets? The whole purpose of turning them into tigers is to get the amulets but then he is no where to be seen for the rest of Ren's 300 and something life? I mean Ren's amulet is obviously easy to find, Ren is easy to find being in captivity so the whole thing seems a bit weak. The whole story line is weak.

I did really enjoy the mythology and the history that Kadam sprouts off. But, it almost seems like the author wikied the myths and then put them in word for word as Mr. Kadam's knowledge. A lot of the mythology is like the mythology in the series Kane Chronicles but where Kane Chronicles is Egyptian this is Indian but the Gods are similar. The author in the Kane Chronicles better describes the mythology and it flows better with the story.

Kelsey character is a bit bland and very old fashion in my opinion. At the beginning of the book she was okay, but at the end of the book she bothered me so much. Causing emotional problem for no reason just isn't cool. I did start to like Ren at the end of the book when he was able to talk more. I also did enjoy Mr. Kadam, he was a very likeable character.

I do want to know what happens to Ren, but I am not sure I want to continue on through all the annoying unneeded descriptions that are bound to be in the next book, I rather have the cliff notes please. So, for now, I think I am going to take a break from this series even though the other book is already out and read another series. I am reading Hex Hall now and so far it is pretty goo.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Outside In - Maria V. Snyder

In the last book Trella managed to pull off the rebellion and take the Travas and the Pop Cops out of charge. But, that didn't mean everything went happily ever after...Not everyone approved of the rebellion and the change of power. Now, Trella is faced with unhappy scrubs, non-agreeable committee members and others that she was not expecting!

Trella has a lot going on, she lost her best friend to outer space, she just found out her long lost mother was a traitor, her relationship with Riley hasn't been on good terms and people are trying to sabotage the Inside. Changing the Inside power all of a sudden doesn't feel like the freedom she thought it would, instead of the Travas it is now the committee and instead of the Pop Cop now there are the Mop Cop. All Trella wanted was for the uppers and scrubs just to get along, but it is turning out to be more difficult than she thought.

Logan might be my favorite character with his goofy personality and his joy of tinkering with gadgets. He even manages to make a couple more new gadgets in this book, and gadgets that we are use to but the characters in the book have never seen before. I just love Logan's giddiness to all things techno!

The title, Outside In, gives you a small clue of what this book will bring. Even with the hint of the title I was still guessing at what might happen next until it actually happened. This book has more of a Hunger Game feel than the last one as they fight for survival.

This is a great page turn that goes from one problem to a next! The twist were great, there are a lot of suspenseful moments, a couple surprises and all around great characters.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inside Out - Maria V. Snyder

Trella, a scrub, lives in the lower level of the inside. A huge metal box separated into two levels: the lower two levels where the scrubs live their miserable lives cleaning and working and the two upper level where the uppers live controlling the the scrubs and living a better life. The scrubs and the uppers have no contact with each other except the Pop Cop who enforce the scrubs.

Trella is taught that the upper level inhabitants have comfy lives and to be jealous of them. But when she runs into an upper, she begins to find out that the uppers lifes are not what exactly like how they taught her in school. She begins to find out that maybe they want the same thing as her.

Everything turns for the worst, for Trella, when she tries to prove a prophet wrong that there is no gateway to the Outside. The Outside, where no one has been and everyone wishes to be. The scrub want the outside to be true so they can get away from their miserable lives. So, Trella tries to prove him wrong by finding the prophets hidden CD that show the way to the Gateway. But one small mistake leads Trella into a cat and mouse game in order to find the Gateway before the ones in charge destroy her and her friends.

Great book! I saw some of the twist coming before they came. But the ending wasn't what I expected. Throughout the whole book it leaves you guessing what the Outside really is. Trella is a great character, she is an outsider, with not very many friends. You really get to see her character develop as the story continues on. There are a lot of great characters in this book. I could not put the book down, I kept wanting to read it find out what happened to Trella!

This book reminds me alot of the book The City of Embers by Jeanne DuPrau and the book Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. Both books, like Inside out has the characters looking for away out of their isolated world.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Gathering - Kelley Armstrong

I just finished the book, and I feel like I am missing something. There didn't seem to be any climax or that the book was going anywhere. There are things that are barely touched on, almost not enough to want to read the next book. This book almost felt like an prologue for the next book, nothing big happens, nothing is solved just bit and pieces of information and storylines.

The book is about a girl named Maya, who best friend dies at the beginning of the book. You would think that adding that to the beginning of the book that it would have some reference as the book goes on. But it doesn't, yeah the main character reminisces about the death of her best friend but it gives no substance to the book. There is hint to the mystery of how she dies but it is followed through thoroughly. Also, the book is about Maya is feeling like something different is happening to her, like she is getting animal instincts, but again this is barely touched on.

One thing I do like about the book is the characters. I really like the Maya character, she is a fresh new character that hasn't been used over and over in other books. I like her personality. I also, like her best friend Daniel, who also has something going on with him but again barely touched on.

This book is a sister book to the series the Darkest Powers and there are a couple references to characters who are in that series so you might want to read that series before this series. It isn't anything major but some character overlap.

I really hope this series fills out more and give more in the next book because I feel like I was given nothing in this book. This feels like it could be the potential for a good series, it just didn't start out that well. The book did have my attention the entire time, it was an easy read but I always kept waiting for a climax or something to happen and it never did.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Throne of Fire, Kane Chronicle - Rick Riordan

I had to reread The Red Pyramid, before I could start this one, so I could remember what was going on!

This time around Sadie and Carter have a 5 day deadline to save the world from Apophis who wants to swallow the sun and destroy the Earth! But, because of the 1st recording of The Red Pyramid they had a couple people answer their called to help them defeat Apophis!

Because they are the Kane's they are always getting in trouble, like lighting Brooklyn on fire and getting bitten by a poison two headed snake. But, they are not alone in their adventures, they have the help from a new God that wasn't in the last book, and this God is full of personality.

You think you learned a lot about Egyptian mythology in the first book of this series, but there is even more in this one. There is a bunch of new Gods in this one, and adventures similar to the ones in the Myths.

Again, sometimes I do get confused about who is narrating whether it is Sadie or Carter. And, Sadie has lost some of British slang living in Brooklyn, so it is even hard to differentiate. There are couple new faces training with Sadie and Carter in the Brooklyn house of night. Some of the ones that stick out the best are Walt who as a secret and Felix who loved summoning up penguins.

Great adventure book, there is always something happening, and the ended leaves you ready for the next one but not really as a cliffhanger. There are a lot of unanswered questions at the end of the book to get you wanting to read the next one right away.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mortal Instruments 1-3, Clockwork Angels and now City of Fallen Angels!

I reread Mortal instruments 1 thru 3 to get ready for Mortal Instruments 4: City of Fallen angels. I also reread Clockwork Angels. I previously wrote reviews on those 4 books. This review is for City of Fallen Angels.

After finishing this book, I feel like the Mortal Instruments series should have stopped with the third one. The bad guy had died and they were pretty much safe. Clary got Jace, it was a nice ending.

City of Fallen Angels, starts out slow. Clary is learning how to be a shadowhunter, Simon is avoiding learning how to be a vampire and Jace is having strange dreams. There is a new character named Kyle, who is pretty interesting. And, there are some characters from the Clockwork Angel book, but I don't think it is really all that necessary to read that book before this one, because mostly everything that you need to know from Clockwork Angel about those characters is also in City of Fallen Angels.

I didn't think there were any big action scenes at all in this novel. There were a couple very small fight scene that didn't get much description in my opinion. I think this novel was pretty much a intermission book between bad guys. That is all I am going to say about that...

This book, I believe, mainly centers around Simon. He is a very valuable commodity and everyone seems to want him for something. Being a Daylighter and with the mark of Cain on him. Not only that but he has put him self in a risky position, dating two girls at the same time: Isabelle and Maia. Plus, he is having family trouble at the same time as someone is trying to kill him.

I will read the next book, because I think it will pick up in action and storyline in the next one. Just the last couple sentences of this one makes you want to know what happens next in the next one!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wither - Lauren DeStefano

In a world where the females live to the age of 20 and males the age of 25 life is dangerous. Especially for young females where there next turn on a street could lead to a group of gatherers ready to kidnap and either murder, sell them into prostitution, or make them a bride. Rhine has just been kidnapped and now she is to become one of Linden Ashby's wives.

At a glance, the estate that Rhine has been sold to as a wife seem safe, maybe even better than the outside world. One of the other wives, Cecily, was an orphan and the outcome of being married off is way better than where is was. The wives get whatever they ask for and are treated as good as can be expected being locked inside of a mansion...but if you dig deeper you will see it isn't exactly as it seems to be. All Rhine wants is to escape back to her old life back with her twin brother, but if she isn't careful she could become one of housemaster Vaughns science projects.

I have been reading so many books lately of the main characters that fall in love in a day and will then do anything for this person. This book is not like that, and I find it refreshing. The love story is subtly taking form in this book and doesn't even really reach a solid form even at the end of the book. I like that, it seems more realistic in a way. And, it gives you more to look forward to in the next book of the trilogy.

Another thing wonderful about this book is each character is completely different and have unique personalities that are described well. You really get a sense of who Rhine, Jenna and Cecily are. All three completely different from each other. As well as the other characters, each shine in their own way. I am looking forward to the next one!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Dark and Hollow Places, Carrie Ryan

"What would you do if you knew you had only a few days left to live?" Asked many times during the book as things get desperate for the characters, when they are faced with a horde of unconsecrated that flow into the dark city in a matter of minutes wiping out civilization as they thirst for uninfected blood.

Annah has been on her own for 3 years after Elias left her. She minds her own business, keeps her head down and tries to be invisible as she waits for him to come back. But one day, after she watches an infected women plummet to her death alone without anyone to remember her, Annah decides she is tired of waiting and decides to leave to city. But, on her way out, on the other side of the bridge she notices a girl entering the city, a girl who looks just like her, her long lost twin! After that everything spirals out of control.

This is a very depressing book, but it is also about the struggle to live and to fight. Annah doesn't just give up when the horde of unconsecrated are taking over, or when the recruiters have trapped her. She is always looking for a way out, a way to escape, a way to live. Annah is a fighter.

Just like the last two books there is a new word for the undead. In the first one is as Unconsecrated, the second book was Mudo, and this one they people of the dark city call them plague rats. Annah mostly calls them Unconsecrated from her memories of living in the forest as a child.

There is so much emotion that you feel through these characters as they try everything they can to survive. The author is so good at describing the environment and what is happening that I feel like I am right there with Annah. I want to yell at the recruiters, and cheer Annah and her crew on. It is a great book! I just wish there was a next one!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

GraveMinder - Melissa Marr

Claysville is no ordinary town. The people of Claysville never get sick, never get diseases, rarely ever leave the town, and are protected until they reach the age of eighty. That is because the people of Claysville are in a contract with the dead. The only real threat to the people of Claysville is when the Graveminder fails to do her job. And, that is exactly what happens when Maylene, the Graveminder, is murdered by a dead girl.

Rebekkah and Bryon have been left out of the towns secret. They were not aware of the contract until it was forced upon them when Rebekkah's grandmother, Maylene, died and Rebekkah became the new Graveminder. And, with a new Graveminder, there is a new Undertaker, which is Bryon. Being kept out of the loop from the city's contract with the dead, they must figure out what is going on around the town before more people die.

If the Graveminder doesn't mind the graves of the dead, they come back as the Hungry Dead. Eating the towns people one by one until the Graveminder takes them to the tunnel that leads to death. Newly appointed as the Graveminder Rebekkah doesn't know how to stop the dead. There is one option though, for Bryon to take Rebekkah to the underworld to talk to Mr. D. But, the underworld is a dangerous place for Rebekkah. She can die in the underworld and the sights of the world are tempting for her. Without Bryon, the Undertaker, she could give in to the temptations of the world, just like her step sister.

The beginning starts out a bit slow, trying to piece together what it is going on in the small town of Claysville. The main characters Rebekkah and Bryon don't really figure out who they are and what they do until the middle of the book. Parts were a bit dull to me, and there was no real suspense for me in the book. But it was well written. I think my favorite character is Daisha, the dead girl.

This is the first book I have read from the author, Melissa Marr. The author seems to mainly do young adult. Although this is an Adult novel, I think this book is appropriate for young adults as well. There is a bit of sexual reference and a couple F words, but other than that, I have seen worse in young adult books.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Relic Master, The Dark City - Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher is a great story teller. Much like her last series, Incarceron, she made up a detailed world. The world of Anara is a world built by the 4 Makers, surrounded by the 7 moons. But when the Makers left the world to the Order things began to fall apart. The watch began to take control destroying anything of the makers or the Order. No one in the order is safe, being hunted by the watch.

Galen, Relic Master, and Raffi, his apprentice, are keepers part of the Order and must be careful of who they trust. When a man comes to them asking them for help with a relic Raffi is hesitant. But, Galen who had recently lost all his keeper powers is careless and hasty in his decision to follow the man.

The man leads them to a group of thieves. Alberic their leader asks for the keepers help. A Sekoi has stolen from Alberic and he wants Galen to find this Sekoi for him. Galen, has other plans, he doesn't care about the Sekoi as long as the Sekoi's trail leads him to the city of Tasceron, his one last hope to regain his powers.

Galen is careless in his pursuit, with only one thing on his mind, regaining his powers, he continuously walks into the face of danger to get what he wants. Raffi is more cautious, having to look after his careless master. And, shouldering all the power as an apprentice since Galen can no longer use his third eye. Along the way they run into Carys Arrin, watcher, who has been hunting Galen. She tells them a story about her father in order to stick with them to see what they find in Tasceron.

The story goes back and forth from the Journal of Carys Arrin to the Journey of Galen and Raffi. Each chapter starts with a saying from different books from world of Anara either the words of the Watch or the words of the order.

This is a great book, with a lot of detail, and it is easy to imagine the world that the author is describing. I can't wait for the next book. Their are four books to this series and they all come out in 4 consecutive months in the summer starting with this one in May. There is a map of Anara in the front but it is only partial, a puzzle, and as you collect the books you can assemble Anara, the world of the Relic Masters.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I am number 4

Number 4 has been on the move for the past 10 years, never staying in the same place for more than six months at a time. His home planet was destroyed when he was 4 and only 19 people were able to escape before the Mogadorians kill them all. And now the Mogadorians are on the planet earth trying to find the 9 kids that escaped and kill them. But, because of a charm placed on them when they left, the Mogadorians can only kill them in order. Now, they have killed one through three and number four is next!

I must confess, I became interested in this book after seeing trailers for the movie. The trailers looked action packed! Of course, the book isn't as action packed as the trailers, and I found myself reading about John, number 4, trying to live a normal life in the quaint town of Paradise Ohio with his protector Henri and his beagle Bernie Kosar, not exactly what I saw depicted in the trailers. But, even though it doesn't have as much action (most of the action taking place at the end of the novel) I still really enjoyed the book.

Bernie Kosar, the beagle, is one of my favorite characters. Tongue always lopping out of his mouth, and a little mysterious. Also, Sam is a great character, I can really imagine what Sam looks like as I read the book. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend. Even though it might lag a bit in the middle of the book, the beginning and the end makes up for it. And, there is some stuff left hanging for the next book, but not enough to be a cliff hanger.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shadowspell - Jenna Black

Dana has been stuck in her safe house for about 3 weeks, since the previous book, on her dad's order. Her mom has no say in the matter after Dana's dad had her filed as incompetent and sentenced to house arrest like Dana. To make matters worse, the Erlking, an immortal not associated with the faerie courts, has made his way to Avalon and he might be there to wreak havoc on Dana!

The Erlking made a deal with the queens of faerie to no longer hunt members of either court without permission of the Queens. This prevents him from attacking anyone within the borders of the city of Avalon. With the exception of people he chases from Faerie he has been permitted to kill or if he is defending himself. (I find the clause a little silly, why would he have to defend himself if he cannot die?) Which only leaves the human world for him to hunt, and the only one to help him gain access would be Dana, the Faeriewalker, and he would do anything to get his way!

Dana is much like a normal teen, never listening to people of authority, back talking her parents, sneaking behind their backs, and pining over every guy she sets her eyes on. In away, Dana's character is quite annoying to me. Her inner thoughts are annoying how she goes on and on about how she isn't pretty by any means but all these guys are after her. Or how she has been the grown up all her life but her actions show differently. But where Dana lacks, the other characters shines. I really enjoy Keane, Kimber, Finn and even Ethan. All have there own sense of style as a character.

The book doesn't really end with a cliff hanger but it doesn't leaving wondering about what is going to happen in their futures. Because there are some things left hanging. The book had a lot of good twist and turns and kept me guessing. And, even though I didn't really like the main character there were other good characters and good plot to make me give it 4 stars instead of 3.

The book does have some brief language and some sexual scene but all in all it is a very teen book. The next book Sirensong comes out July 5th.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting ready for The Dark and Hollow Places

I just finished reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth and The Dead Tossed Waves. Even though, I have read both books before, it still invokes emotions from me. I still root for the characters and hope they don't die even though I know what will happen. Both books are great and I can't wait for the next one coming out exactly a week from today :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Glimmerglass - Jenna Black

Dana's mom always warned her of Avalon. Always moving from place to place so Dana's father couldn't find her. But when Dana got tired of taking care of her always drunk mom, she decided to fly away to Avalon and find out the hard way who her father really was and just how dangerous Avalon could be. As soon as she gets there she is was locked up in a cell, kidnapped by a brother and sister duo, and attack by Spriggans...suddenly living with her drunken mom didn't sound so bad.

Something felt off to me as I read it. Maybe because she has a drunk mom who can barely take care of herself and Dana has to do everything for her mom. But, her mom seems able to snap out of it enough to have them move continuously? It seemed weak. The book altogether felt a little weak to me.

The Fae in Avalon can only be in Avalon or faerie they can't venture into the human world. And Humans can only go into Avalon but not into Faerie. Avalon is the in between. That seemed a little weak to me as well. Avalon seems like a quaint little town. And, Dana's dad has lived there all his life it seems like. Stuck in one town...Avalon. Because he can't go into the human world, but a man who has lived centuries seems okay with just seeing one town?

There is still a lot to know about Dana. Dana doesn't even know the extent of what she can do now. I hope the next book give more into that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Madame Tussaud - Michelle Moran

Before I read this book, all I knew about Madame Tussaud was it was the name of a world famous wax museum. I didn't really have much knowledge of the French Revolution as well. But I have enjoyed all of Michelle Moran's previously novels depicting other historical time periods. Michelle Moran does a really good job depicting the French Revolution as well. This book shows the ignorance of the common people of that time, and the naivete of the Royals. Although some conversations and interactions may be imagined by the author, most of the events did take place. According to the Author, most of the facts are correct. She did change a couple of the facts to pertain to the novel, but most of it was true to the best of her knowledge.

Michelle Moran does a wonderful job bringing you back to that era. Making you understand exactly how the mood was during that time. I found myself wanting to know more about that era, and researching parts that were briefly depicted in the novel so I could understand it more thoroughly. The author sparks that fascination and brings the characters back to life in the horrific tale of the French Revolution.

Each chapter states the time frame and starts off with a Quote that was documented from that time period. The novel follows Madame Tussaud who was known at that time as Marie Grosholtz. She lived with her uncle Curtius and her mother at the Salon de Cire learning the art of wax. The salon was a great attraction for people of that time, to come and get the latest news of the time depicted through wax figurines made by Marie and Curtius.

To read about Marie Grosholtz and learning about all she had to endure during the French Revolution, was pretty emotional. Changing the wax figures and Tableau to correspond with the latest news whether she agreed with it or not, making death masks of recently decapitated prisoners, tolerating the rapid change of the government and not knowing if she would be the next they would take prisoner or not. Michelle Moran pulled out the emotion of the characters and really making you feel like you, yourself are there as well. It was hard not to feel for the characters as they suffered the worst.

At the end of the novel, the author, ties up all the loose end and briefly recaps the lives of the characters who futures were not told in the book. She also goes on to explain the history of the time and what was completely true in the book. There is a glossary at the end of the book as well to help with some of the French words along the way. Although, with a kindle it is kind of hard to go back and forth between the story and the glossary.

The novel was very easy to read and flowed really nicely. I can't wait to read Michelle Moran's next historical fiction!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Absolutely, Positively - Heather Webber

Before I went ahead and read this book, I reread Truly, Madly and Deeply, Desperately. I really enjoy both of those books so it was a great refresher

Lucy Valentine's family have been matchmakers since cupid gave them the ability to see peoples auras. But along with the gift came a curse, cupid's curse making all Valentines unable to see their own auras leading to all relationship not working out so good.

Lucy wants to believe that maybe this cupid curse will skip her since when she was 14 her power got zapped and turned into the ability to find lost objects. The cupid curse could have been zapped away as well! Lucy has been in a relationship with Sean the PI from upstairs and is hoping that is the case, especially since at the end of deeply desperately she gets a vision of her in a wedding dress and him in a tux!

Just like the other two novels, there are a couple cases Lucy is working on.
- 23 year old Meaghan Archibald's quest to find Tristan Rourke, her first love, whom last know address was prison. This case is difficult one for her, on a moral stand and on her relationship with Sean.
- Lucy's grandmother Dovie, wants her to look into the case of Mac Gladstone who had been missing for the past six weeks and Dovie suspects foul play.

Other things are happening in Lucy's life that she has to deal with as well, like the fact that Sean is looking for a new place to live and Lucy's dilemma of whether she should offer her place to him, Sean's health and the fact that Lucy's parents are dating...each other! And of course Lucy has the ongoing battle with Preston in her quest for big stories and her constant sniffing around for Lucy's family secret...but Preston does have the Lone Ranger mystery to keep her busy.

The book ties together quite nicely at the end, with a few nice twists...but there are a few things that are left hanging that makes you want more! I love the comic relief and find myself giggling at some of the things Lucy says, especially what she says to Preston.

A lot of the chapters will either end with a question or a comment that makes you chuckle. Or, something just happen and you want to continue on to see what the outcome will be.

Great novel, and I can't wait for the next one!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spy Glass - Maria V Snyder

After losing all her powers and strength. Spy Glass starts off with Opal moping at her parents house, recovering and helping her mom arrange her sister Mara's wedding to Leif. But Opal being Opal can't be safe and bored at home. Nope, she must be in harms way. How does she do it this time? She decides she must go after the blood Tricky siphoned from her when he held her captivate. Because if it got in the wrong hands, it could cause a lot of trouble and Opal couldn't live with that. Opal heads to Fulgor where Tricky and his gang is jailed to get some answers. But of course it isn't as easy as she thinks.

In this book, Opal encounters new enemies, new trouble, and new ways to take advantage of magic. Of course there is a love triangle as well. There is a lot of adventure. And she enlist a lot of old faces to help her with adventures. And she needs those friends a lot because she gets in trouble in Fulgor, Ognap, Bloodrose clan pennisula, and the Citadel. Opal does learn to trust more in this book. And she still makes the same mistakes putting her in the worst positions ever.

It is a good fun read. All the books from the Glass series and Study series seem to all have the same underline plot. There are a few twist in this book, but it is easy to pick them apart before it actually happens and figure it out before it is revealed in the book. But it was fun to read and I enjoyed reading about Opal, Kade, Devlen, Janco and all the others in this book.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Enticed - Carrie Jones

I read this book, before starting the Glass trilogy. I just forgot to post the review!

Zara just turned into a pixie, her boyfriend is dead or stuck in Valhalla, her grandmother is worried sick about her, she has missed consecutive days of school. But what does Zara White decide to do first before everything else? Go to a school dance!

Pixies are terroizing the town. FBI are coming into investigate the strange occurances. But all Zara is really worried about is rescuing Nick because if she can't rescue Nick then turning into a Pixie was all for nothing. All Zara can think of is going to Valhalla to get Nick...Because that will make everything better.

The first book in the series listed a phobia at the beginning of the chapter, the 2nd listed pixie tips, and this time this one has news snippets of what is happening in the town. There seems to still be holes in the writing. But it is a good fun quick read.

Sea Glass - Maria V. Snyder

My review for the 1st book in this trilogy is back in August. I re read it again before I read this one.

In Storm Glass, Opal found Kade, escaped Devlen. But now she must find Ulrick and endure the councils wrath, upon finding out about her new powers. In Sea Glass, people are not who they seem to be. Opal has a hard time figuring out who to trust. People use her, mistreat her and take advantage of her through out the book and Opal feels like she can only trust in herself.

Devlen, still is a thorn in Opals side. When you think you have seen the last of Devlen he always manages to pop back into the story. Opal has to escape a lot of bad scenarios just like the first book. She has a lot of people wanting to do harm to her. But this time around, Janco, an familiar face from the Study trilogy, is Opals partner in crime.

Opal learns more about her powers and about herself in this book. I enjoyed the storyline and all the characters. The characters have a lot of depth to them. Even characters who only make a small appearance.

This quote from the book pretty much explains Opal through the book: "being a piece of sea glass. High tides, low tides, storms, sand and mistakes all contributed to the polishing process." Other than that, I am not quite sure the title Sea Glass defines this book. There is a little section that has Sea Glass involved but it really doesn't go along with the rest of the book. Mostly, Opal seems to be in a Sea of trouble all the time.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Captivate - Carrie Jones

Zara is going on with her life, normal activities: going to school, hanging out with friends. But, in the back of her mind she continues to think about the pixies. Worried they will attack at any moment. She begins to worry even more when other pixies from other territories begin to show up including King pixies. Zara had weaken her father the pixie king and now the rest are coming to claim his territory and wreak havoc in Zara's town! And if that is not enough, Zara begins to have a strange reaction to Kings...she turns blue!

Phobia chanting isn't so prominent in this book than the first one. She seems like she is always scared but she doesn't say many phobias. The phobias are replaced with pixie tips which are supposed to be funny. But feel redundant and childish.

Throughout the book Zara doesn't always make the best choices. A lot of the characters and dialogue is annoying. At one point I think the plot is redeeming itself, and then the plot changes and it is back to being confusing and contradicting.

I never really figure out what the need is that pixies have, and why some have it and some don't. And only at certain times. There seems to be too many causes for the need and not enough answers. Lots of things still don't make sense in the book. I feel like there are so many holes in the storyline. Things continue to contradict each other.

One question I do have is...why doesn't Zara's pixie father have a name? He is just father, dad, pixie king but never has a name.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Need - Carrie Jones

Zara, still getting over the death of her dad, is sent away to live with her Grandma Betty, by her mother, to Maine. Maine is cold and icy and Zara doesn't want to be there. But she makes friends fast, has the attention of two boys, and on the first day already has a best friend. But in the mist of making new friends Zara is being stalked by a man that shows up unexpectedly and, of all things, points menacingly at her and calls her name from the depths of the woods.

The book is an easy read. No real dull spots. The listing of phobias when Zara is nervous is kind of odd but I guess it helps differentiates this book from all the other books like it out there. The book has a lot of loose ends. Things don't add up. A couple examples are: Zara makes a point about going to the DMV and another character offers to go with her. She brings this up several times that she must go to the DMV, but then the that part of the book is completely skipped. Did she actually go to the DMV? It was important to her, she was also going with another character...if you are going to make it so important the least you can do is put a sentence saying she went!

There are so many instances that things don't add up. It is like the author didn't double check her writing to make sure everything made sense. And cast turned into a splint and then back to a cast, a bed turns into a couch from one sentence to another. Somehow a wolf can wear special glove for an eagle to land on him. At one point Zara uses a poker as a weapon outside. Later she is inside using the poker on the fire. Then a couple sentences later her grandma asks for the poker and Zara proclaims she left it by the door when she used it as a weapon. So, what happened to her seconds before using it at the fire?

Parts of conversations seem missing. Things feel rushed and not completely thought out by the author. The characters don't seem very in depth. At the beginning Nick is such a bad guy but it doesn't go into depth why and he does so much good things. For some reason Ian is called a user by Nick but it doesn't go into detail why, and then it is completely dismissed.

The book is very similar to other books out there: new school, meet boy fall in love, live by a woodsy area, parent figure not around, and super human speed. If you like Twilight, Shiver or The Darkest Power trilogy you will like this book.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Distant Hours - Kate Morton

Everything starts out with a lost letter sent out 50 years too late. Then a distraction that leads the main character Edie to a sign post that reads Milderhurst 3 miles. Milderhurst castle, where Raymond Blythe wrote the Mud Man which started Edie love of reading, where Edies mother spent 18 months during the great war, where secrets are kept of missing love ones, where the ancient walls sing the distant hours, where three elderly sisters live together.

The book alternates from Edie's point of view in 1992, to the past with the Blythe sisters: Saffy, Percy and Juniper. The two time frames wrap together effortlessly as the story unfolds about the history of the Mud Man and the Blythe sisters.

Throughout this book, I kept feeling like there was going to be a big reveal, a big twist that would make me want to read the book again to see if I could catch it. But, the reveal, and the twist wasn't as big as I thought and it made me feel like I didn't get what I was promised. From the very beginning there is a lot of foreshadowing of things to come to prepare you for later events to make you think something big would happen. Things did happen, but it wasn't as big as I thought. But nevertheless I really enjoyed the book!