Friday, March 18, 2011

Shadowspell - Jenna Black

Dana has been stuck in her safe house for about 3 weeks, since the previous book, on her dad's order. Her mom has no say in the matter after Dana's dad had her filed as incompetent and sentenced to house arrest like Dana. To make matters worse, the Erlking, an immortal not associated with the faerie courts, has made his way to Avalon and he might be there to wreak havoc on Dana!

The Erlking made a deal with the queens of faerie to no longer hunt members of either court without permission of the Queens. This prevents him from attacking anyone within the borders of the city of Avalon. With the exception of people he chases from Faerie he has been permitted to kill or if he is defending himself. (I find the clause a little silly, why would he have to defend himself if he cannot die?) Which only leaves the human world for him to hunt, and the only one to help him gain access would be Dana, the Faeriewalker, and he would do anything to get his way!

Dana is much like a normal teen, never listening to people of authority, back talking her parents, sneaking behind their backs, and pining over every guy she sets her eyes on. In away, Dana's character is quite annoying to me. Her inner thoughts are annoying how she goes on and on about how she isn't pretty by any means but all these guys are after her. Or how she has been the grown up all her life but her actions show differently. But where Dana lacks, the other characters shines. I really enjoy Keane, Kimber, Finn and even Ethan. All have there own sense of style as a character.

The book doesn't really end with a cliff hanger but it doesn't leaving wondering about what is going to happen in their futures. Because there are some things left hanging. The book had a lot of good twist and turns and kept me guessing. And, even though I didn't really like the main character there were other good characters and good plot to make me give it 4 stars instead of 3.

The book does have some brief language and some sexual scene but all in all it is a very teen book. The next book Sirensong comes out July 5th.

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