Monday, December 27, 2010

Matched - Ally Condie

If you enjoy books like hungry games, and Uglies, then you will probably like this book. Cassia lives in a Society in which everything is taken care of for her. The pick her job, when she dies, what she eats and who she will marry. In this Society everything you do is watched and they predict everything you are going to do. But can the officials predict everything that is happening to Cassia?

When Cassia gets matched with a life long friend, she is thrilled. Until she plays her microchip that tells her more about her match and someone else pops up on the screen as her match for a second before disappearing, but Cassia was able to identify the persons image. This one mistake on Cassia's microchip brings on a chain of events that Cassia never dreamed would happen in her ordinary world and she begins to challenges her predicted life in the Society.

It is a well written book, I thought it flowed together very nicely. There were some parts that would abruptly end and then another paragraph would start which was a day later which would confuse me abit but not enough to mess up the story for me. I can't wait for the next book that comes out next year! There is so much more I want to learn about there Society that wasn't touch in this book.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Reckoning - Kelley Armstrong

Chloe, Simon, Derek and Tori are still on the run from the Edison group, but now they are semi safe in a safe house with Simon and Derek's father's old friend Andrew. Now, that they have escape, there new mission is to save Chloe's Aunt Lauren and Rae from the Edison group. But it is easier said than done. They can't just barge out and rescue them plus they have other issues like Derek changing, a not so friendly Poltergeist ghost, and the constant wondering if they can trust Andrew and his gang. While they wait to go out and rescue they do learn more about their powers and other stuff related to the Edison group and Supernaturals.

Sometimes I felt like the author had lack of imagination in some parts. There are parts where Chloe says they have a plan and she hopes it will work but the reader never really gets a glimpse of what actually is that plan, and then something else happens and the plan gets foiled. Or someone will go off to talk to someone else away from Chloe so we never get to know what they are talking about. And it kind of leaves you hanging. There are also parts where there will be dialogue between the characters and then it will stop and Chloe will summarize some of it and then the dialogue would begin again like the author didn't know how to proceed with it so she just summarize a part because she didn't know how to write it.

I also felt that characters changed too much in such a short time. Growing in a two weeks time period or less? I don't really like it when a trilogy is set in such a small time period but yet everyone has changed drastically. Chloe relies on Liz too much for only knowing her hardly a day before she dies.

But even with those problems, I thought there was a lot of good parts. There were a lot of small twist like who can Chloe trust? Can she trust her aunt? Can she trust Andrew? Can she trust Margaret? Can she trust the demi demon? Can she trust the ghost that come to her? There are also a couple good action parts that I really enjoyed. And, I did enjoy the relationships the characters had together as well.

In the end, it felt like there was a bunch that was left hanging and I really wanted to know more. Especially about one character which is just left dangling and I want to know what happens! Overall it was an okay series.

I felt there was a huge inconsistency in this book and it bothered me a bunch. At one point, Chloe gets werewolf blood on her and Derek begins to freak out trying to get it all off of her because there is two ways to turn into a werewolf, their blood and their saliva. So, he methodically cleans every bit of blood off of her that belonged to the werewolf but later in the book it is okay for him to kiss Chloe, which involves saliva. So, is Chloe now going to turn into a werewolf?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Awakening - Kelley Armstrong

Chloe, Simon, Derek and Tori are on the run from the Edison group. But Chloe is also trying to run away from her Necromancer abilities that have been haunting her. Unable to fully control her gift she has resurrected zombie bats, and homeless man. She is disturbed by ghost replaying their death scenes over and over. And humiliated by having conversations with someone only later finding out that someone is a ghost by everyone snickering at her for holding a conversation with herself.

Unable to fully understand her ability until they find Simon and Derek's father kit, but the Edison group is making that pretty tricking for them. Chloe is also not the only one having troubles. Derek is on the verge of his first change to a werewolf, Simon is a diabetic, and Tori is just stubborn. But, they do have the help of Liz, Chloe ex roommate now ghost poltergeist. She is able to scout out for them to make sure they don't run into trouble.

Though it looks like Simon and Chloe might have something going on. I really hope Derek and Chloe spark a relationship. Derek might be bossy and grouchy but I love his character always looking out for Chloe. Like Tori has said, it is always Chloe, Chloe, Chloe. But, it is fun to read about and I hope Tori gets a bigger lead and more responsibility in the next book.

This book was fun, full of adventures and kept at a pretty good pace. It is easy to read, really good book to read through the weekend with.

The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong

Chloe seems like a normal girl. She is pretty happy with her normal life even though her and her dad move around a lot. But this year she was able to start the school year without moving, she is in an art school she really likes and she has a group of friends. The day her life changes seems to be one of her best days, until a janitor no one else can see starts chasing her around the school with his face melting off, then everything turns for the worse. Chloe is placed in a group home with other teens and automatically given the labeled of schizophrenia by the doctors there.

At first Chloe takes it all in. She believes if she takes her meds the visions will go away. The soon that happens the sooner she can go back home, back to school, back with her friends, and back to being normal. All seems to be heading the right way, until Chloe's roomie is sent away and in the middle of the night comes back but vanishes just as quick. Chloe begins to think her old roomie might be a ghost. Trying to investigate what really happened to Liz, her roommate at the group home, Chloe begins to find out more about the group home. She realizes the group home isn't what she thought it was and Chloe herself, isn't what she thought she was...normal.

I enjoyed the book, Chloe compares all her decisions and experiences to movie scenes. Most of the time, her life is nothing like what she sees in the movies and things to happen the way she plans. Even though the book is about a time span of a week, Chloe learns a lot about herself. I feel like it should have been spaced out more because things happen to her pretty fast. But, that means there wasn't really any dull moments. There was a lot of actions a bit of twist and turns and I am excited to jump into the next one.