Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

I think out of the three this was my least favorite of the infernal devices series. I like action more than romance books and this one had a lot of Tessa swooning over both Jem and Will, Harry and Charlotte, Sophie and Gideon, Cecily and Gabriel. Very mushy gushy romantic, so if you like that kind of thing you will like this book a lot I think.

What I really like is how the two series (Internal Devices and Mortal Instruments) Interweave with each other. Things that you have read in the present with mortal instruments are more chiseled out and understood more in Internal Devices. Like how Church came to be in the New York institute. And, how the Herondales got the star like birthmark on their shoulders. It is like you are reading about the great great grandparents of the kids of the Mortal Instrument series looking into the past of the families and finding out more about stuff that you were familiar with in the present.

Clockwork Princess starts out with Tessa getting ready to get married to Jem. Getting her dress fitted, but then things start to come apart when Gideon and Gabriels father is found to be a worm. And one thing leads to another with there search to find The Magister. The book is sad, people die but then people also fall in love in this book as well. This book does have it all, romance (alot), action(a little), death, destruction, plots revealed and everything ties up nicely at the end.

But all in all it felt the same as the two books before. I guess I am not a love triangle type of gal.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins

This is a spinoff of the Hex Hall series. The Brannick family is really shown in the last book of the Hex Hall Series when Sophie and her mom find themselves at the Brannick place. School Spirit follows around Izzie Brannick who has recently lost her sister. Trying for something new, her and her mom move to a little town called Ideal Mississippi where Izzie is tasked with the chore of ridding the school of a ghost.

This is almost a flip from the Hex Hall series. In the Hex Hall series Sophie was used to living in the regular world with high school and what not and didn't know anything about the paranormal world when she was shipped off to Hex Hall. In School Spirits, Izzie has lived her entire life in the paranormal world and never has participated in the High School life which is all new to her. So to learn about the life of a Highschooler her mother buys her a whole bunch of Highschool tv shows which are ironical far from real high school life as well.

The watching a tv show to get an understanding of real life, feels a bit like the series Paranormalcy where the main character got all her information about real life from her favorite tv show. And then this one also has a misspelled Dairy Queen where the character go to meet, like the book Beautiful Creatures, which I have never seen Diary Queen spelled incorrectly in my entire life but just finished reading two books back to back that had misspelling of Dairy Queen.

But, all in all I like the book. I kept trying to guess who summoned the ghost and never had the right guess until it was shown. It has a great plot and it flowed well. I can't wait for the next one in the series to find out what Izzie and Dex will do next. There isn't a cliff hanger but there is a couple things left hanging for the next book to pick up on.