Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Perfect Ruin

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this book. At the beginning it was really hard for me to get into this book. It just starts going, and I have a hard time catching up, figuring out what is going on. Not that there is any action at the beginning of the book, it is very boring actually. I just feel like I am dropped in a story and have to figure out everything thing that is going on while a boring storyline keeps going. There is a disconnect for me right at the beginning making it hard to follow or understand the characters. I didn't even realize the main character's, Morgan, brother Lex was blind until the 4th chapter. It isn't blatantly brought up but hints at it so subtly that I just thought he was clumsy.

Let me back up a bit. Morgan lives on Internment, a floating city in the sky that floats high above the clouds from the ground. When she was younger her older brother Lex tried to jump off the floating city leaving him forever blind because of it. Internment is ruled by a king and everyone that live there is born betrothed to another, and parents have to wait in a queue to have children. Because they live on an island in the sky there is only so much room so when enough people die others can have children. Everything is peaceful, no one locks there doors on Internment, until one day a girl is murder, and everything is turn upside down for Morgan, and she begins to question the life that she lives.

Halfway through the book, it gets much better, and there is a lot of intrigue and action. Although there are a lot of questions left unanswered and a cliff hanger that I saw a mile away, I really started to like this book.

Overall it is a good book, like the authors last book there are some really great lines:

"First kiss lingers. It travels away from the lips once it's over, and it breaks apart and settles in strange places. The stomach. Fingertips. Knees",

"Plenty of rules are laid out for us in our history book. They were discovered by first being broken."

The author has a great way with words which I really enjoyed. If you have read Matched by Ally Condie and like it, you will like this book. There are a lot of similarities, betrothed to another, living until a certain old age and this dispatched.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Curtsies and Conspiracies

This one is just a good as the first one! Sophronia has her hands full in this one as she did in the last. Starts off with Sophronia's six month assessment at her finishing school, then someone is trying to kidnap her best friend Dimity, and she also has two boys wanting her attention as well as she juggling everything else.

I love the way the author writes, and this book in no exception. It is funny and witty and easy to read. I found it very hard to put this book down. Also, if you have read the Parasol Protectorate series, there are even more cameos from that series in this second book then there was in the first. Lord Akeldama even makes a brief appearance.

There is more spying, more Bumbersnoot, more of the Bunson boys then the first book. So, if you liked those aspects in the first book you will like this one too. I really can't find anything bad about this book. One thing I can't figure out at the end of this novel is will there be another? There are no cliff hangers and everything ties up nice at the end. Nothing really leaves you hanging as if there is another book coming.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Chaos of Stars

Isis the Goddess of motherhood and fertility has been having a mortal child every 20 years, to worship her and to remember her as a God. But this time around Isis gets pregnant early, 16 years instead of 20 years, and that makes her daughter Isadora, at 16 upset at her mom. Isadora, upset that her mother doesn't care for her because she is having a new baby to replace her goes off to San Diego to live her her older brother Siris to rebel against her mom.

The story is told by Isadora, there is the main story and then sprinkled about the story is told by her dreams that she is having, then there is the beginning of each chapter where she tell the audience reading a little about each Egyptian God and some Egyptian mythology. I love mythology, but this book didn't do it for me. Maybe because I have read Rick Riordan Kane Chronicle before this, it seems like the exact same mythology spewed out again almost word for word.

I loved Kiersten White's other novels. Fell in love with the Paranormalcy series, and read Mind Games and loved it too...but this book was just eh okay. It hinted at being as great as a Paranormalcy character. Isadora had her own catchphrases similar to Evie in Paranormalcy. Isadora's were: "Floods!", "I don't give a mummified cat" and "Idiot Gods" But it just fell lacking, the plot was lack luster and barely there until the last couple chapters. It was mostly about how much Isadora loves interior design which had nothing to do with the main plot of the book. And then there was the horrible romance part of it. The romance was cheesy, been done tons of time over and over so totally knew where it was going.

Maybe one of the reason I just thought is book was just okay was it was so cheesy and maybe even too immature even for a young adult novel? The two main characters are too outrageously gorgeous kids that are always ALWAYS getting hit on. And they themselves know they are gorgeous. This conversation just made me go, seriously?
"That boy is the most beautiful man I have ever seen!"
"Should I have messed up his food so he'll have to come back to the counter?"
"Yes! I want to look at him more. Is it too late?"
Agh! I almost stopped reading right there. If you want some Egyptian mythology, try The Kane Chronicles, it has the exact same pieces of information from Egyptian Mythology but it more action packed adventure with a better plot. This one going got a teensy be action in the last couple of chapters. If you like interior design though...this would be the book for you.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dream Thieves by Maggic Stiefavater

I love the way Maggie Stiefvater writes, there is so much in this book: humor, sadness, excitement, trepidations and much more. The characters are much more fleshed out in this novel. You get to understand Ronan, Gansey and Adam better. The last book ends with Ronan saying he pulled the Raven out of his dream. In Dream Thieves it is all about how Ronan pulls items on out of his dreams and how it is tied to Cabeswater and the ley lines. This book has the feeling of almost like Alice in Wonderland or Matrix.

There are tons of things happening in this book. Blue, Adam and Gansey relationship, Adam and his deal with Cabeswater, Ronan with his dreaming capabilities and his relationship with Kavinsky, Noah flickering in and out with the surging of the ley lines. Oh, there is also a hit man in the mix with the name of Mr. Gray. And, Gansey search for Glendower is still there but it isn't as demanding as the last book.

A lot is still not answered from the first book, and on top of that this book has you asking many more questions as well. Also, it ends in cliff hanger, as does most really good books and now I must wait another year!

This book is terrifying and beautiful, and I can't wait until the final book where everything will hopefully tie together perfectly.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Blameless by Gail Carriger

This might have been my favorite of the series so far. Alexia is with child, and having just been disowned by her husband thinking the child is not his. To top it off Alexia must bunk in with her parent and in the course of one morning Alexia was announced in the paper about her "delicate condition", she was kicked out of her parents house, attacked by lady bugs, fired by Queen Victoria and had no where to live, and that all happens in the first couple of chapters.

Floote get more time in this book than the other books and he becomes my favorite character with his mysteriousness. Miss Hisselpenny doesn't get a much air time in this book which is why Floote becomes my favorite character. All the other characters from the previous book are in this one as well: Lord Akeldama, Professor Lyall, Biffy and Madame Lefoux.

Alexia goes through a lot in this book, more exercises she probably ever had running away from things trying to kill her, which is mostly vampires.

It is a great fun book and witty just like the last books!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Changeless by Gail Carriger

This is the second book in the Parasol Protectorate series, and I think I liked this book far better than the first one, my favorite part was the dirigible ride, it was hilarious!

Newly married Alexa, Lady Macon, is now the female Alpha of her husbands pack, and newly appointed Muhjal. She has much more on her plate than she did with in the previous novel. And on top of that, portions of London are becoming humanized with means Vampire and Werewolves are losing there supernaturalist and there are mass exoticism of ghost in the area. Since, Alexia is the only one capable of doing that sort of thing all eyes are pointed towards her. Now Alexia must find out why sudden bouts of mass humanization is occurring at the same time as the whole regiment of soldiers and camped out in her front lawn.

There is a bit of a surprise that is added at the end of the novel, but there are so many hints of it that I figured it out pretty much on the authors first hint. This author isn't very good at subtly. I mean, we are told a thousand times over that Alexia is Italian, big nosed and has an ample body. As well as her husband has a nice body, and that the Claviger Tunstell has red hair! I think one of my favorite characters is dimwitted Miss Ivy Hisselpenny and I loved reading about her relationship with Tunstell it was laugh out loud funny.

I read Etiquette and Espionage first so it was nice to see some of the characters older version in this novel.

And of course, there is a major cliff hanger at the end and a lot of strings that were left unanswered in the end of this book. So because of that it is better to read the set all together after the novels have already came out...

Friday, August 30, 2013

Soulless by Gail Carriger

First off, I love the way this author writes. It is so fun and witty. I also like how she just plops you down in the middle of a already formed relationship. I hate all the relationships that I have been reading about where it starts right when the book starts and 12 hours later they are in love forever. Soulless you get a peek of the relationship before the book starts, that it has been around for awhile, but things do progress faster during the book.

Alexia is a soulless spinster. She has dark skin, is Italian, has a big nose, a sharp tongue, and is very curvy. She attributes those characteristics to why she is a spinster, and she really doesn't mind. The beginning of the book has Alexia squared off with a vampire that doesn't seem to understand her soulless traits and Alexia must use her trusty parasol to ward off this vampire.

As the book progresses, you get to see what being soulless means and what it means to vampires and werewolves. Also, a mystery occurs in the book that the main character and the BUR have to figure out.

This is a great book and I can't wait to finish the series.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger

This book reminds me a lot of Harry potter the younger years, little bit of a Flavia de Luce Novel and a big chunk of Leviathan all rolled up into one. So, if you like anyone of those books you will probably like this one.

This book is about a 14 year old Sophronia Temminnick, who is constantly getting into trouble. So much so that her mother has decided to send her to a finishing school to learn some proper manners. But, what her and her mother doesn't know is that this finishing school is not only about etiquette but espionage as well! To top it off, Sophronia is the only covert recruit. Meaning everyone else that goes to this school families have been going for ages and knows exactly what the school is about. Sophronia comes into it clueless and learns alot about the world that she thought was only of myth.

I haven't read any of the authors other books, but now that I have read this one I really want to read her other series in the same world. I love how she writes. It is so witty the way she plays with words. I don't normally laugh when I read books but this one got me a couple times.

I really love this book, it was a great young adult book. And, I can't wait for the next one to come out to read more about Sophronia's adventures.

Friday, June 7, 2013


The book is called Divergent, but I finish reading the book not quite sure what Divergent really means. All I know is that it is really really bad to be one, but I am not given much more description on it. It felt that way about a lot of things in this book. Like the factionless, it is very poorly described except it is a bad bad thing to be. But, there is really no reason why it is so bad to be factionless. Over and over it says factionless is so bad, and it is "living in complete isolation" and "worse than death" but it seems like there are a bunch of factionless since half the transfers from dauntless go there. And it seems like the Agnegation people take care of them by feeding them, and it sounds like they even have jobs too. So there is a bit of confusion there for me.

But, let me back up a bit. Divergent is based in a dystopian Chicago and split into five factions: Agnegation the selfless, Dauntless the brave, Candor the honest, Amity the kind and Erudite the smart. If you are in the Agnegation faction you can only be selfless, you can't be brave or honest or kind or smart, and if you have more than one trait than you are supposed to be Divergent, at least that is what I got from it. At sixteen you have the option of staying in your faction or transferring to another. So, if you transfer, won't you have two traits? The one you are leaving behind and the one you are transferring to? So why are not all transfers Divergent? But that isn't how it is. Although, that is how it is for Tris the main character.

Tris grew up being a Agneagtion, but after her aptitude test and finding out she is Divergent (which is really bad and she should tell no one), she decides to transfer and be Dauntless. Which means, she will leave her family and won't get to see them very much after that. Then she has to train to be brave and not a coward by jumping on and off trains, fighting and taking fear tests.

The book is a bit gruesome. Lots of Fight club fights, shootings, and killings. This dystopian is pretty grisly. But it is very action pack and had me on the edge of my seat at the end of it. Even though the world building is a little lack luster I guess I can overlook it for this being the first book in the series. I hope more is answered in the next book and there is more world building.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Rising

After the first two book in this series, this one fell short. It was anti-climatic, there were so many ways this book could have went, but the ending was just okay. It doesn't even feel like the last book in the series. There is so much I would like answered. It really feels like we were teased with their abilities but never were given a real good description of anything. What is exactly Corey's ability? Why does he get headaches? Will they be able to help him? What exactly does a Xana do? And Daniels ability. Everything is just briefly touched upon but doesn't give you anything at all. All we mostly were given was what we already saw in the first two books: running, captured, escaped, running, running, running. Nothing really new or exciting in this book.

The book starts off where the last one left off. Maya, Daniel and Corey are still on the run trying to find out away to rescue there friend that have been captured and how to get in contact with their parents. There is a new character introduced in this one, Maya's brother. And also this book ties into with the other series from Kelly Armstrong, The Darkest Powers. So, if you haven't read that series yet you might want to, to better understand the last half of this book.

Overall, a bit repetitive, boring and anti-climatic :(

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Elite by Kiera Cass

Not sure what to say! First of all, I am not much of a fan of love triangles. This one was like a tennis match and America being the tennis ball. I felt like she kept going back and forth between Aspen and Maxon. Back and forth and back and forth. The only thing that kept me reading was I desperately wanted to know who she would pick at the end. You never get a grasp of who she is going to pick. And she is constantly getting angry at Maxon spending time with other girls while she is sneaking off to be with Aspen. She felt twofaced to me a bit and I started not like the main character, America, and actually started rooting for another of the Elite to win Maxon's heart.

I did like some of the plot points and didn't see a couple thing come. I enjoy being surprised in a book and this one did that. I never knew what direction this book was heading. Just when I thought it would go one way something else would happen. But the same storyline is getting dragged out into the third book and I have a feeling it is going to be yet another tennis match but hopefully this one will end it and answer the question of who she chooses!

The world building his the book does seem a bit flimsy to me but maybe because it isn't all fleshed out yet with one more book on the way. There is one point where America has to do a presentation and there is a big following up to it and then it didn't feel as big as the author was trying to make it out to be. And the angry and emotion didn't seemed to go another with exactly what happened.

Overall I will probably read the next book because I do ultimately want to know who ends up with who. But if it more of the back and forth love triangle thing the whole entire book I might have to skip the inbetween.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

I think out of the three this was my least favorite of the infernal devices series. I like action more than romance books and this one had a lot of Tessa swooning over both Jem and Will, Harry and Charlotte, Sophie and Gideon, Cecily and Gabriel. Very mushy gushy romantic, so if you like that kind of thing you will like this book a lot I think.

What I really like is how the two series (Internal Devices and Mortal Instruments) Interweave with each other. Things that you have read in the present with mortal instruments are more chiseled out and understood more in Internal Devices. Like how Church came to be in the New York institute. And, how the Herondales got the star like birthmark on their shoulders. It is like you are reading about the great great grandparents of the kids of the Mortal Instrument series looking into the past of the families and finding out more about stuff that you were familiar with in the present.

Clockwork Princess starts out with Tessa getting ready to get married to Jem. Getting her dress fitted, but then things start to come apart when Gideon and Gabriels father is found to be a worm. And one thing leads to another with there search to find The Magister. The book is sad, people die but then people also fall in love in this book as well. This book does have it all, romance (alot), action(a little), death, destruction, plots revealed and everything ties up nicely at the end.

But all in all it felt the same as the two books before. I guess I am not a love triangle type of gal.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins

This is a spinoff of the Hex Hall series. The Brannick family is really shown in the last book of the Hex Hall Series when Sophie and her mom find themselves at the Brannick place. School Spirit follows around Izzie Brannick who has recently lost her sister. Trying for something new, her and her mom move to a little town called Ideal Mississippi where Izzie is tasked with the chore of ridding the school of a ghost.

This is almost a flip from the Hex Hall series. In the Hex Hall series Sophie was used to living in the regular world with high school and what not and didn't know anything about the paranormal world when she was shipped off to Hex Hall. In School Spirits, Izzie has lived her entire life in the paranormal world and never has participated in the High School life which is all new to her. So to learn about the life of a Highschooler her mother buys her a whole bunch of Highschool tv shows which are ironical far from real high school life as well.

The watching a tv show to get an understanding of real life, feels a bit like the series Paranormalcy where the main character got all her information about real life from her favorite tv show. And then this one also has a misspelled Dairy Queen where the character go to meet, like the book Beautiful Creatures, which I have never seen Diary Queen spelled incorrectly in my entire life but just finished reading two books back to back that had misspelling of Dairy Queen.

But, all in all I like the book. I kept trying to guess who summoned the ghost and never had the right guess until it was shown. It has a great plot and it flowed well. I can't wait for the next one in the series to find out what Izzie and Dex will do next. There isn't a cliff hanger but there is a couple things left hanging for the next book to pick up on.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Beautiful Redemption

Beautiful Redemption, the last book in the series, is different than the rest. There are no shadowing songs, but crossword puzzles instead. Chapters are not marked by a date but are split into 3 books. The first book Ethan is in 1st person in the Gatlin otherworld trying to find his way back home to the living. The 2nd book Lena is in 1st person and the 3rd book goes back to Ethan's perspective. It is hard to get use to Lena telling the story in part of the book because I am so use to Ethan talking. I constantly have to keep telling myself it isn't Ethan, it is Lena.

This book is very repetitive in parts, and boring and slow. Really no action, even the fighting scene is boring and quick. The deaths in the book have no feeling to it and it feels real disconnected. There are a lot of Harry Potter like scenes in this one too at the end of the book. So, it isn't very original on top of the slow and boring.

There are questions that are finally answered that were asked in the very first book and left you hanging until this last book. Like what did Link do in the basement when he was 9 years old. And what is Lena's real name. They are just added quickly at the end of the novel just to quickly tie up loose ends.

The writing is beautifully written and there are some really good parts. But, all in all it wasn't my favorite book in the series. I think my favorite one was the third on in the series.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia

Good thing I am reading these after all of the books have been published, because I don't think I could of waited a whole year for this cliffhanger. So far, this one is my favorite book of the series. It is darker and sadder but I liked the flow of it. The first one was alright, the second one dragged a bit for me and I didn't really like it and actually stopped reading the books because of that one until all of them came out. But, I am glad I gave this one a shot because I really enjoyed it.

Lena has made her decision and she went both light and dark. But her decision messed up the order of things. Now, Gatlin is in a heat wave and it looks to be the end of the world. Like the other two books, Ethan is having nightmares, Ethan is hearing a shadowing song which is Eighteen moons this time, And Ethan is seeing visions when he touches a specific thing with Lena. You learn more about Sarafine and John Breed and also a bit more about Liv. Also, a bit more about Linkubus but I wish there was more about Link because he is hilarious.

Although I liked it, the main thing happening in the book with Ethan skipped an entire book. Something that happened to Ethan in the first book, but he didn't start having the symptoms of it until the third book, why? Because it was the main focal point of that book? They should have hinted to it a bit in the second one. And also, you can see things happening from a mile away. There are no twists in these books and I love twists. As soon has something happens to start setting up a plot you know what is going to be the end result.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza

Mila fights between the realization that she is an android and the feelings of being a human. She thought she was completely human her whole life, until one accident that made her doubt herself being human. Then after that everything went to a tail spin.

The book is great and has a lot of action, but nothing is really answered in this book and none of the characters are really fleshed out. Mila has questions about her previous life, about her mother's necklace she is always rubbing, and none of it is answered. There is really no romance, but I don't mind that, too many young adult books now a days are very mushy with romance and I like that this one wasn't one.

The author does a real good job describing Mila's feelings. And describing the turmoil going on inside her as she comes to the conclusions that she is in fact an android even though she has all these human feelings, looks human and feels human.

Some of the relationships in this book though feel too forced. Mila and her mom relationship seems too strong after Mila finds out the truth. Mila does a lot for this so called "mom" of her when she was nothing more than another scientist which she hates all the other ones but the one she calls "mom" and she would do anything for her. And then her relationship with Hunter seems wrong and you can just feel it the entire time that Hunter isn't who he says he is...It seems obvious.

There looks to be another book after this one. It leaves it wide open for one. It does end pretty wrapped up and isn't a cliffhanger at the end. But you are left with a lot of questions.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sever by Lauren Destefano

This book starts right were the other one ended, Rhine in the hospital and just saw a news broadcast with her brother in Rhode Island. Now that Rhine has an idea of where her brother is, she is rearing to go on another adventure to find him. But, she is in no shape to go trekking up the east coast in search for her brother. So, Linden takes her up to his Uncle Reed house for her to recover away from his father while she makes up a plan to save her brother.

Lauren DeStefano has a way with words, making them so real, raw, harsh, brutal and sharp edged. The entire story is raw and painful that at points it is hard to read because of all the pain brought upon the characters. You grieve for the characters, even the bad guy Vaughn. The whole story is dark and haunting but in the end it does brighten up in the last couple of paragraphs.

I love series that have subtle pieces at the beginning of the series and they slowly come together as the series progress and pieces that didn't make sense in the first book or the second book click together nicely in the final book. ***Might be a spoiler**** But little things like why Madame looked so familiar to Rhine, or how what the seer told Rhine in book two starts to come together in the third book. The puzzle piece fit together nicely and I like how it all comes together in the end.

The characters get much more fleshed out in this book. You really get to see Rhine grow, Cecily grow and even Linden grow. There is a new character Reed that is great and you learn a lot about him as well. You learn more about the older characters like Vaughn and other characters along the way. They are no longer cardboard cutouts but they now feel real life and all the tragedy that comes to them is hard to read, because you are rooting for these characters, they are now your friends and you don't won't what happens, happen to them.

I believe this one was probably the best book of the series. The middle one dragged but if you were able to get through it you are rewarded with this one that has so much emotion and hardship.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Diviners by Libba Bray

When I started this book, for some reason I thought it was a stand alone book. I have no clue why, maybe because they last couple books from Libba Bray were. So, as this book was ending and things were not tying up, I started to realize...oh there are going to be more books in this series. Which I couldn't be more pleased, I love the characters in this book.

The book is based on the 1920s, and really makes you feel like you are there in the 1920s along with the characters. The dialogue is spot on, and even made me want to talk like the characters. There is tons of historical references in this books that I found myself wanting to know more about the history that she was quoting and I would end up going onto google and researching abit myself because the book really peaked my interest.

The book mostly centers around Evie. Evie is very eccentric and sometimes speaks before she thinks. She is sent to live with her uncle after using her powers as a palor trick that went wrong. Evie has the ability to find out thing about you just by touching something you own. And she isn't the only one in this book that have powers. Some of the characters you really get a feel for what they can do, and others it just hints at.

The book also centers around a killing spree in New York. Someone is going around killing people based off of the reference from a religious book. Evie and her uncle Will, the curator of the Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult, are on the task of trying to find out who the killer is and stop them. Joining them is Jericho and Sam Lloyd the pick pocket-er.

This book has it all, comedy, bit of romance, bit of gruesomeness, mystery, magic, and a lot more. I can't wait to read more, even though it is a large book there is still so much more to learn about the characters!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

I've been wanting to read this book ever since I finished Cinder, and it didn't disappoint! Scarlet's and Cinder's stories blend so well with each other. Looking back, there are little bits of Cinder that hint at things to come in Scarlet. And everything puzzles together so perfectly, I loved it.

The story starts right up after Cinder. The day after the coronation ball. And, it is action packed from the beginning. Scarlet's grandmother has been missing for a little over 2 weeks. Scarlet is very afraid that something really bad has happened to her grandmother, but the police have stopped looking for her so now Scarlet has to look for her on her own. On her quest to find her grandmother, she runs into wolf, the street fighter, who may just know where her grandmother is. (If you want to know more about Wolf, read the short story, The Queen's Army. Bits of that also ties into this book)

The story also whips back to Cinder and her quest to escape from prison and get out of the grasp of the Luna Queen Levana. On her way trying to escape, she runs in to Captain Carswell Thorne. And together they go on an adventure.

The new characters are great. Thorne is hilarious with his witty remarks. I found myself giggling at almost everything he said. And Wolf, even though you can never tell he is actually a good guy or a bad guy you feel for him. With his shy demeanor but his large physical appearance.

The novel does subtly tie into the little red riding hood tale. Scarlet going to see her grandmother. And other parts of little red riding hood, that I can't add because it might spoil the novel.

There are parts that left me on the edge of my seat. Nail biting scenes, parts where I just couldn't read anymore because I didn't want anything bad to happen to the characters but I had to keep reading to find out what really happened! Marissa Meyer does a great job blending the story with an old fairy tale but keeping it new and her own story.

Next book come out next year, Cress. Which is about Rapunzel, who had a small cameo in Cinder. And I just can't wait for that one!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Re read Cinder!

Just finished reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer to get ready for Scarlet!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scent of Magic by Maria V Snyder

I have read all of Maria V. Snyder books, and if you have read the Study Series or the Glass Series you will enjoy this series. These three series all feel the same and almost have the same storyline with the exception of different characters almost playing the same thing. This one relates a lot to the Study Series...girl falls in love with captor. This is the second book in the series, the first being Touch of Power.

Scent of Magic goes back in forth from Avry narrative in 1st person, to Kerrick narrative in 3rd person. At the beginning of the book Avry and Kerrick part ways. Avry goes to spy on Estrid's army to find out what she can on what they are doing there, and to get closer to her sister. Kerrick goes up North past the nine mountains to reunite with Ryne, and more North to find out about the tribes invading the realms on a warpath.

A lot is happening in this book. Tohon and his dead army/ufas, Avry trying to stay in disguise, Avry trying to find out about the Death lilies and Peace lilies and their toxins. Kerrick and the tribes on a warpath to the North. People going missing, people dying, people coming back to life. So with everything going on, every chapter ends in a cliff hanger and then the next chapter goes to the other narrator. So something big happens with Avry and the chapter ends in a cliff hanger, then you have to read an entire chapter about Kerrick before you can read what is going on with Avry again and vice versa. Even the end is a complete cliff hanger!

There is plenty of fighting, strategizing, healing, humor, and cliff hangers. And what I like the most is there are no love triangles in this book :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Mind Games by Kiersten White

If you enjoyed Kiersten White other trilogy, Paranomalcy, you will like this one. It has the same feel to it. It is action packed and I had a hard time putting this book down! It is an easy fast read and I wish is was longer because I want to know more about Fia and Annie. It is a little bit like the tv show Alphas, and a little bit like the movie Push. So, if you like those you will like this book as well.

The books starts with Fia out to kill Adam Denting, she has been told to kill him. You start the book not knowing why she needs to kill Adam Denting but the story goes back and forth from past to present to show why Fia is in this predicament and why she is the way she is. But you don't get everything in this book, there is definitely more to come, much that has been left out of this book about Fia, Annie and the Keane school.

The story is told in two different point of views which are sisters Fia and Annie. The narrating is so different between the two characters. Annie is calm, cool and intelligent. Fia is crazy, impulsive and taps taps taps. The two sisters are in a special school, a school for readers, feelers, seers and psychics. Annie, who is blind, has visions of the future or present and that is the only time she can see when she is having a vision. Fia has perfect instincts, she is never wrong and the Keane Institute really needs her but she has never know why they are so invested in her.

There is really no boring parts in this book. The characters are great, you really feel for Annie and Fia. There is so much more to learn and know about them, so I can't wait for the next book in this series!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reached by Ally Condie

I loved the first book in this series, Matched. It was so unique and really got your attention. You really felt for the characters and got to know them. But this final book in the trilogy didn't give me the same feeling. Right off the bat, at the beginning of the book I felt like I was missing something. It felt off, disconnected. You know the characters already in this third book but you don't really feel for them anymore.

Cassia has endured the carving and found Ky and found the rising. But know there is a plague on the lose. Cassia, the sorter must find a match in the people that have immunities to the plague in order to find a cure. Zander the Physic, helps the sick and tries to find a cure. Ky the pilot, flew the cure to the Providences, until the plague mutated and he became a body for them to cure.

The book is in five parts: Pilot, Poet, Physic, Plague and the Prisoner's Dilemma. It doesn't really get good until into Prisoner's Dilemma. Where things start to peak my interest. And there is a tiny bit of a twist that answers one of the questions in the first book Matched. A lot of questions from the first two books were answered but I did have some questions that were not.

In the first book, only Cassia was the narrator. In the third book, Crossed, it was narrated by Cassia and Ky. And now in the third book you not only get the voice of Cassia and Ky but Xander as well. Xander is my favorite character so, it was nice to hear from his point of view. But each point of view did feel the same they didn't have there one voice...Sometimes I had a hard time figuring out exactly who was narrating the chapter I was reading.

Overall I wished it was more character development. I didn't feel as attached to the characters as I did in the first book. I didn't feel sad when someone died. It just would happened and didn't really make you have any emotion. I just wish that was something more to this book. Something to make it pop. But it was isn't there so I gave 3 stars since it was just okay.