Friday, October 25, 2013

Chaos of Stars

Isis the Goddess of motherhood and fertility has been having a mortal child every 20 years, to worship her and to remember her as a God. But this time around Isis gets pregnant early, 16 years instead of 20 years, and that makes her daughter Isadora, at 16 upset at her mom. Isadora, upset that her mother doesn't care for her because she is having a new baby to replace her goes off to San Diego to live her her older brother Siris to rebel against her mom.

The story is told by Isadora, there is the main story and then sprinkled about the story is told by her dreams that she is having, then there is the beginning of each chapter where she tell the audience reading a little about each Egyptian God and some Egyptian mythology. I love mythology, but this book didn't do it for me. Maybe because I have read Rick Riordan Kane Chronicle before this, it seems like the exact same mythology spewed out again almost word for word.

I loved Kiersten White's other novels. Fell in love with the Paranormalcy series, and read Mind Games and loved it too...but this book was just eh okay. It hinted at being as great as a Paranormalcy character. Isadora had her own catchphrases similar to Evie in Paranormalcy. Isadora's were: "Floods!", "I don't give a mummified cat" and "Idiot Gods" But it just fell lacking, the plot was lack luster and barely there until the last couple chapters. It was mostly about how much Isadora loves interior design which had nothing to do with the main plot of the book. And then there was the horrible romance part of it. The romance was cheesy, been done tons of time over and over so totally knew where it was going.

Maybe one of the reason I just thought is book was just okay was it was so cheesy and maybe even too immature even for a young adult novel? The two main characters are too outrageously gorgeous kids that are always ALWAYS getting hit on. And they themselves know they are gorgeous. This conversation just made me go, seriously?
"That boy is the most beautiful man I have ever seen!"
"Should I have messed up his food so he'll have to come back to the counter?"
"Yes! I want to look at him more. Is it too late?"
Agh! I almost stopped reading right there. If you want some Egyptian mythology, try The Kane Chronicles, it has the exact same pieces of information from Egyptian Mythology but it more action packed adventure with a better plot. This one going got a teensy be action in the last couple of chapters. If you like interior design though...this would be the book for you.

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