Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Son of Neptune

Percy Jackson is back! Along with a couple new friends, Hazel and Frank. Just like Jason Grace in the last book of the series, Percy has lost all his memories. And needs to go on a quest in order to get all his memories back from Juno. The book is action pack and a great adventure.

There is a lot of Roman mythology in this one, as Percy finds himself in the Roman camp, Camp Jupiter. Romans are a lot different than Greeks. For one thing they are a lot stricter. Both camps have a lot of difference and this book shows in great detail the differences. Percy knows he is initially from a camp but Camp Jupiter feels wrong to him in some way. But, he must gain the trust of the campers there even though they know he is different.

In the end, the two books of the series are pulled together as one and readies itself for the seven in the prophecy.

I can't wait for the next one, I want to know what happens next. I can already imagine what Percy or Jason will do next and I can't wait to read it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Night Circus

The Night Circus is a very whimsical and magical book, almost every detail ties together perfectly in the end. The story follows two magicians in a competition Celia and Marco. Then there is another story that begins many years after Celia and Marcos story of boy named Bailey and two years in his life when the circus came to his town. Slowly the two stories going back and forth between the two intersect nicely at the very end.

The Night Circus also pulls at the beginning of each new section describing a part of the circus as if you yourself are actually there enjoy the circus. It brings in the circus smells and atmosphere so nicely that you can easily imagine that you are at this magical circus yourself.

Some characters are more enjoyable to read about than others. Celia seems so distance and static but Marco seems to have more qualities and determinations. Each character has there part in this book and everything has a meaning in the end. I almost feel like I have to reread it at the end to understand things that had happened at the beginning.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A discovery of witches

Ugh, this book is way way to long. So much so, that I couldn't finish reading it. I am over 50% done but I think I lost interested at the first couple chapters of Diana just researching, rowing, and doing yoga. Nothing suspenseful happens in this book, it just drags on. And, after reading some reviews that nothing ever happens in this book I decided to end my suffering and just stop reading it.

There were a couple good parts in the book that peaked my interest a bit, and made me think, oh now we are going somewhere! But, then it was followed by pages and pages and pages of dull details of how Diana slept, or went riding, or did research. 600 page is way to long and I just couldn't finish it.