Friday, March 29, 2013

Beautiful Redemption

Beautiful Redemption, the last book in the series, is different than the rest. There are no shadowing songs, but crossword puzzles instead. Chapters are not marked by a date but are split into 3 books. The first book Ethan is in 1st person in the Gatlin otherworld trying to find his way back home to the living. The 2nd book Lena is in 1st person and the 3rd book goes back to Ethan's perspective. It is hard to get use to Lena telling the story in part of the book because I am so use to Ethan talking. I constantly have to keep telling myself it isn't Ethan, it is Lena.

This book is very repetitive in parts, and boring and slow. Really no action, even the fighting scene is boring and quick. The deaths in the book have no feeling to it and it feels real disconnected. There are a lot of Harry Potter like scenes in this one too at the end of the book. So, it isn't very original on top of the slow and boring.

There are questions that are finally answered that were asked in the very first book and left you hanging until this last book. Like what did Link do in the basement when he was 9 years old. And what is Lena's real name. They are just added quickly at the end of the novel just to quickly tie up loose ends.

The writing is beautifully written and there are some really good parts. But, all in all it wasn't my favorite book in the series. I think my favorite one was the third on in the series.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia

Good thing I am reading these after all of the books have been published, because I don't think I could of waited a whole year for this cliffhanger. So far, this one is my favorite book of the series. It is darker and sadder but I liked the flow of it. The first one was alright, the second one dragged a bit for me and I didn't really like it and actually stopped reading the books because of that one until all of them came out. But, I am glad I gave this one a shot because I really enjoyed it.

Lena has made her decision and she went both light and dark. But her decision messed up the order of things. Now, Gatlin is in a heat wave and it looks to be the end of the world. Like the other two books, Ethan is having nightmares, Ethan is hearing a shadowing song which is Eighteen moons this time, And Ethan is seeing visions when he touches a specific thing with Lena. You learn more about Sarafine and John Breed and also a bit more about Liv. Also, a bit more about Linkubus but I wish there was more about Link because he is hilarious.

Although I liked it, the main thing happening in the book with Ethan skipped an entire book. Something that happened to Ethan in the first book, but he didn't start having the symptoms of it until the third book, why? Because it was the main focal point of that book? They should have hinted to it a bit in the second one. And also, you can see things happening from a mile away. There are no twists in these books and I love twists. As soon has something happens to start setting up a plot you know what is going to be the end result.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza

Mila fights between the realization that she is an android and the feelings of being a human. She thought she was completely human her whole life, until one accident that made her doubt herself being human. Then after that everything went to a tail spin.

The book is great and has a lot of action, but nothing is really answered in this book and none of the characters are really fleshed out. Mila has questions about her previous life, about her mother's necklace she is always rubbing, and none of it is answered. There is really no romance, but I don't mind that, too many young adult books now a days are very mushy with romance and I like that this one wasn't one.

The author does a real good job describing Mila's feelings. And describing the turmoil going on inside her as she comes to the conclusions that she is in fact an android even though she has all these human feelings, looks human and feels human.

Some of the relationships in this book though feel too forced. Mila and her mom relationship seems too strong after Mila finds out the truth. Mila does a lot for this so called "mom" of her when she was nothing more than another scientist which she hates all the other ones but the one she calls "mom" and she would do anything for her. And then her relationship with Hunter seems wrong and you can just feel it the entire time that Hunter isn't who he says he is...It seems obvious.

There looks to be another book after this one. It leaves it wide open for one. It does end pretty wrapped up and isn't a cliffhanger at the end. But you are left with a lot of questions.