Monday, April 26, 2010

A Conspiracy of Kings

At the end of The King of Attolia, one of the things that wasn't answered for me was what happened to Sophos? This book tells you exactly what happened to Sophos in his owns words from when he was kidnapped to when he becomes king.

I liked hearing from the point of view of Sopho's. The book was about 75% in Sopho's point of view. He is telling you a story, of how everything happened to him. I think I might like Sopho's point of view almost as much as Gen's. From Sopho's point of view it goes back into third person, then Sopho's point of view again and then third person once again. It didn't bother me, it actually helped the book flow.

In King of Attolia, we find that Sophos was kidnapped and missing but we don't know how it all happened. We only get a brief summary of what happened to Sophos in King of Attolia. In A Conspiracy of Kings it takes you back even parts from the book The Thief, but this time in the perspective of Sophos. Sophos thinks back a lot from when they were in The Thief. He is always thinking 'what would Gen do?'

Sophos, who is now Sounis has grown a lot in this book from The Thief, no longer asking too many question at all the wrong time. But now, he has a country on this shoulders as a young Sounis trying to get the people and the barons of Sounis on his side. Sophos has a lot to conquer: The Medes, his father, the people of Sounis, his barons, even Gen. He has a lot on his plate for a young king.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Queen's Thief - King of Attolia

None of the guard like their new King of Attolia, and that is shown when one of the Guards, Costis, hits the king making him fall. Costis believes he is going to be executed for his actions, but the King instead pardons him and ups his rank to Lieutenant. Thinking it is all a joke, Costis goes along with it to show the king he can handle it all.

Through the book we follow Costis around as we watch him change as his life takes an unexpected turn. The king is putting him through many hardships and Costis takes it all. Costis learns a lot from his experience with the king and he learns to appreciate the king as well.

Like the first two books, there are some twist in the book but they were easier spotted this time around than the first two books. I really like reading about the guard and the way Costis handled everything. Of course I enjoyed how the king was able to figure everything out and trick everyone. I liked the King when he was only the Queens Thief and now I like him even more as the King.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Queen's Thief - The Queen of Attolia

I don't think Queen of Attolia was as good as the first book in the series but I still enjoyed it. Right away you get sucked into the book as Eugenides is trying to run away from the queens guard. I was pulling for Eugenides to escape the entire time, because Eugenides always escapes! But this time he wasn't as lucky and he is capture by the Queens guards. The Queen, angry by Eugenides always sneaking into her castle takes matters into her own hands and cuts off Eugenides right hand so that he would never steal again.

When Eugenides is sent back to his queen, the plot began to slow down for me. I began to get disinterested as there were many long paragraphs describing what was going on with Eugenides and not enough dialogue. I began to be disappointed by the book. But the ending of the book began to pick up again and got my full attention once again.

I liked the ending, and of course, like the previous book in the series, it caught me off guard once again with a twist in the storyline. I enjoy the way the author writes and I am already off reading the third book of the story.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Queen's Thief - The Thief

I really enjoyed this book a lot. Gen a common thief had bragged his way into prison. But soon the Magnus, hearing the of Gen's reputation, takes Gen out of prison and onto a journey to steal something out of a fairy tale. Accompany the Magnus, and Gen on the journey are Sophos and Ambiades, Gen names as the Uselesses, and Pol.

Very entertaining book about there journey to steal what Gen believes is a fairy tale. All characters have there own personality which makes the book even better. I love the Sophos character how he is always asking questions even at the worst times. Of course I like the main character Gen, always having something witty to say.

The book takes a sudden twist at the end that I didn't even see coming. I thought it was well done. I can't wait to read the next book in the series: The Queen of Attolia.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tempted, House of Night Novel

The authors of the House of Night Series decided to take a different approach this time when writing the Novel. Instead of just being first person in Zoey perspective there was other perspectives as well. They were a bit weird, because it wasn't in first person but more like First person talking about themselves as a third person. Because the narrative changed each time the person changed, even though it was in third person. Like if we were following Heath around the narrative would change say Zo when referring to Zoey but if we were following Stevie Rae around the narrative would change to say Z when referring to Zoey. I think I would liked it better if it was all first person instead of changing back and forth.

I do like the authors new approach to the novel. It was very refreshing. Barely any recaps in the novel which made me very happy. The last five novels, too much was recap and not enough was new story line. This books still only gives you a timeline of two to three days that it takes place in. Which gives you the impression that a lot more happens than what would really happen in a normal day.

I do want to read the next novel, because this one left you with a lot of unanswered questions. Although nothing was really resolved in this novel and more was left unanswered. It felt like this novel was another filler because of the fact nothing was resolved. The authors can go on and on with this series because they only cover two to three days in a novel and then immediately pick up where they left off in the next book. I have never read a series before that after six books you have only read two to three months into their life.