Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tempted, House of Night Novel

The authors of the House of Night Series decided to take a different approach this time when writing the Novel. Instead of just being first person in Zoey perspective there was other perspectives as well. They were a bit weird, because it wasn't in first person but more like First person talking about themselves as a third person. Because the narrative changed each time the person changed, even though it was in third person. Like if we were following Heath around the narrative would change say Zo when referring to Zoey but if we were following Stevie Rae around the narrative would change to say Z when referring to Zoey. I think I would liked it better if it was all first person instead of changing back and forth.

I do like the authors new approach to the novel. It was very refreshing. Barely any recaps in the novel which made me very happy. The last five novels, too much was recap and not enough was new story line. This books still only gives you a timeline of two to three days that it takes place in. Which gives you the impression that a lot more happens than what would really happen in a normal day.

I do want to read the next novel, because this one left you with a lot of unanswered questions. Although nothing was really resolved in this novel and more was left unanswered. It felt like this novel was another filler because of the fact nothing was resolved. The authors can go on and on with this series because they only cover two to three days in a novel and then immediately pick up where they left off in the next book. I have never read a series before that after six books you have only read two to three months into their life.

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