Monday, April 26, 2010

A Conspiracy of Kings

At the end of The King of Attolia, one of the things that wasn't answered for me was what happened to Sophos? This book tells you exactly what happened to Sophos in his owns words from when he was kidnapped to when he becomes king.

I liked hearing from the point of view of Sopho's. The book was about 75% in Sopho's point of view. He is telling you a story, of how everything happened to him. I think I might like Sopho's point of view almost as much as Gen's. From Sopho's point of view it goes back into third person, then Sopho's point of view again and then third person once again. It didn't bother me, it actually helped the book flow.

In King of Attolia, we find that Sophos was kidnapped and missing but we don't know how it all happened. We only get a brief summary of what happened to Sophos in King of Attolia. In A Conspiracy of Kings it takes you back even parts from the book The Thief, but this time in the perspective of Sophos. Sophos thinks back a lot from when they were in The Thief. He is always thinking 'what would Gen do?'

Sophos, who is now Sounis has grown a lot in this book from The Thief, no longer asking too many question at all the wrong time. But now, he has a country on this shoulders as a young Sounis trying to get the people and the barons of Sounis on his side. Sophos has a lot to conquer: The Medes, his father, the people of Sounis, his barons, even Gen. He has a lot on his plate for a young king.

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