Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Queen's Thief - The Queen of Attolia

I don't think Queen of Attolia was as good as the first book in the series but I still enjoyed it. Right away you get sucked into the book as Eugenides is trying to run away from the queens guard. I was pulling for Eugenides to escape the entire time, because Eugenides always escapes! But this time he wasn't as lucky and he is capture by the Queens guards. The Queen, angry by Eugenides always sneaking into her castle takes matters into her own hands and cuts off Eugenides right hand so that he would never steal again.

When Eugenides is sent back to his queen, the plot began to slow down for me. I began to get disinterested as there were many long paragraphs describing what was going on with Eugenides and not enough dialogue. I began to be disappointed by the book. But the ending of the book began to pick up again and got my full attention once again.

I liked the ending, and of course, like the previous book in the series, it caught me off guard once again with a twist in the storyline. I enjoy the way the author writes and I am already off reading the third book of the story.

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