Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Queen's Thief - King of Attolia

None of the guard like their new King of Attolia, and that is shown when one of the Guards, Costis, hits the king making him fall. Costis believes he is going to be executed for his actions, but the King instead pardons him and ups his rank to Lieutenant. Thinking it is all a joke, Costis goes along with it to show the king he can handle it all.

Through the book we follow Costis around as we watch him change as his life takes an unexpected turn. The king is putting him through many hardships and Costis takes it all. Costis learns a lot from his experience with the king and he learns to appreciate the king as well.

Like the first two books, there are some twist in the book but they were easier spotted this time around than the first two books. I really like reading about the guard and the way Costis handled everything. Of course I enjoyed how the king was able to figure everything out and trick everyone. I liked the King when he was only the Queens Thief and now I like him even more as the King.

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