Monday, March 22, 2010

Hunted, A House of Night Novel

This book is about 320 pages but it all takes place in two days. Of course, the book wouldn't have been as long if the authors didn't recap everything over and over again.

Everything happens in only two days but the things that take place feel like it has been in place for a long time. Like it feels like they are in the tunnels for days even though it is only a day. And, Stark has pretty much did every girl in the school but only had a day to do it? And Zoey falls completely in love with Stark even though she knows him for a day? And Kalona and his crew can take over and kill pretty much all the sons of erebus in a day? I mean they are warriors no battle ends in a day...

The authors are trying to portray good characteristics to young adults it seems like. Always preaching in Zoeys voice. But yet, Zoey can kiss nearly every boy in school and it is okay. This book shows it is okay to sleep with a boy, it is okay to kiss 4 guys in the same day. Even though Zoey makes excuses it still seems okay. I don't think the authors are really getting the right points across.

It also feels like the authors pretty much wrote these books just to let out steam about their students because they both are teachers correct? Or at least one of them are. There is a line on page 252 that isn't even necessary. It even shows how unnecessary it is by putting it in parentheses it says: "(at the House of Night professors can call kids idiots when they act like idiots because the idiot children can't run home to their mommies and cry about it; hence there is a lot less idiot behavior at the House of Night than at most public schools)". Seriously? It seems like the author called a student a idiot and cried about it to their parents and she had to vent about it in the book. Not cool.

Not only that, but there are a lot of occurrences that the author confuses the names Damien and Darius. Or at the end calling Zoey's Grandma Stevie Rae's Grandma. There are also punctuation mistakes that left me confuse and trying to figure out if someone was still talking or not. Overall though, I am still going to read the next book since they were all given to me to read. But, I don't think I would have kept reading if that wasn't the case.

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