Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Untamed, A House of Night Novel

The 4th House of Night Novel starts off with Zoey abandoned by all. Her three boyfriends are no longer in the picture, her best friends don't trust her anymore, Aphrodite is missing and so is Stevie Rae. But of course, this is Zoey and in a matter of pages she has everything she wanted yet again. Aphrodite is with her, Stevie Rae is fine and her best friends trust her again. Oh, and Erik is starting to talk to her again. Everything is good in the life of Zoey except that Neferet trying to destroy the world.

I really try to like these house of night novels, but there are so many things that make me roll my eyes. Must Zoey really emphasize how rich Aphrodite is? Everything of Aphrodite's is explained with and adjective to describe how rich she is. The authors over describe everything to the point where you don't even want to read anymore because it is repetitive. Yes, Aphrodite is rich it doesn't need to be pushed in our face anymore. That isn't the only thing the authors overly explain over and over again, just one of the many examples.

Also, how can it be that Zoey is always in the right place at the right time? She just so happens to wander by and hear conversations that give her the one up on the situtation. And when everything is not going her way she can just magically call up the elements and they will willingly do her biding.

Zoey is nearly an adult at the age of 17. But she is still portrayed as a kid and everyone else around her as a kid. If the authors wanted to portray everyone younger then they should have made the characters 13 and 14. Not 17 and 19. Zoey is running around saying bullpoopy and other childish words. Yes, I get the fact that the authors doesn't want Zoey to cuss but there are other more mature words that she could use and not cuss. I think that is what is making me have a hard time with this novel, they are suppose to be an older age than they are actually are but there choices of dialogue are making them feel much younger.

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