Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Betrayed, A House Of Night Novel

Continuing on with the House of Night Novels, Zoey finds herself in a lovers....square? Three guys potentially going after her and she can not figure out which one to be with. Erik the hot fledging, Heath her boyfriend from when she was a human or Loren the off limits Vampyre teacher. Everybody loves Zoey.

Zoey get almost everything she wants four awesome friends, guys swooning over her, leader of the Dark daughters but not everything is perfect. She keeps seeing dead fledgings turn into these red eye creatures also, humans are dying close to the House of Night making it look like the vamps are killing humans. When someone close to her is taken by these red eye creatures and someone close to her is turned into these red eye creatures Zoey takes it on herself to figure out what is going on and to save her friends!

The ending of this book didn't make me want to continue to the next book as much as the last one. It is kind of getting redundant now. And, the author summarizes so much from the previous book which seems like too much. I already know this, I read the first one...so move on! I started the third book a couple pages in and so far all it is is a summary of the last two. Sometimes you might want to put in a bit to let you remember but when it was say over and over in the first one, and over and over in the second I am pretty sure we got the point now.

I am starting to wonder if I will be able to get through all these books without getting bored of Zoey Redbird.

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