Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Marked, A House of Night Novel

My mom's boyfriend's daughter, who is 13, and happens to like some of the same books as me let me borrow her House of Night Series. I think I saw these on amazon before, but thought nothing about them. But since she thought I would enjoy it I decided to read them.

Right away when I started reading it, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get into the book. It seemed like it was going to be too young adult for me with no substance and a lot of teenager slang that I wasn't going to be able to take. But once it started to get more in depth into the House of Night with Zoey going to school there it started to get better. And now, I must admit that I am ready to read the next one.

The book just goes into alter reality where vampyres are known about. Heck, some of them are celebrities. I would like to know more about the history of this alter reality, how the vamp became how they are. I was confused at first because it felt like I should have known more before I actually started to read the book. Hopefully in some of the other books that follow it will give more information.

The book is about zoey redbird who gets marked to become a vampyre and she must move to the school House of Night in order to live. Because, if you get marked as a vampyre and don't go to the House of Night you die. The house of night is a place to go while you are living through the changing process to become a vampyre. You stay there for four years just like a high school and at the end if you can take the change you become a vampyre.

Zoey finds out she is not like all the other fledglings, she has extra powers and her mark is different than everyone elses.

After getting past the beginning it is a really good book, and now I am off to read Betrayed, the second book of the series.

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