Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mortal Instruments - City of Glass

I just finished the third book of the Mortal Instruments, City of Glass. I really liked this book a lot, it kept me enthralled in it the whole time. I really like how all the books were so intricately woven together that you didn't really catch what was going to happen until it did, but looking back there were always clues woven in so subtly that you still were surprised.

Even though I enjoyed the book, like the last one it had some discrepancies that left me going, what a second! I will list a couple that I think I saw. For instance, when simon was in the jail and Raphael comes to see him Simon says it is the first time he has seen Raphael since he was turned. But Simon previously talked about how Raphael had talked to him about some stuff, plus Simon knew some of the vampires names like he had hung out with them a couple times. Also, Simon said that after he was a Daylighter Raphael didn't like the fact that he didn't roam at night anymore. That would make you think that Simon had had contact with Raphael before the Jail incident.

Also, there was a point were Clary said she hadn't seen Magnus since he took the book from her. But, after Sebastian left Alec said Magnus helped perform the tracking spell on his stuff. Now, Clary might have not been there when that happened, but with Alec told her don't you think she would have asked about Magnus? Especially since she thought he just took the book and ran without helping her mom? Just saying...

I also didn't like the fact that Max death wasn't in more detailed. How did it happen? How did Isabelle escape? It was never fully described which left you wondering. Isabelle could have told more to Simon when he was comforting her but she didn't which left you feeling like you missed something.

There were a lot of other points where I felt I was missing something, but all together I really liked the books. I liked the angles she did. Making Vampires a little different than we were use to. Making the bad guy related was also a good move too. I can't wait for the fourth installment to come out and of course The Clockwork Angel as well.

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