Monday, February 15, 2010

Mortal Instrutments - City of Ashes

City of Ashes, was just as good as the first one. Although, I felt there were some discrepancies with time in the book and with things happening. I don't have any on the top of my head but I remember reading it and thinking that doesn't seem right.

Throughout the whole book there is the elephant in the room of Jace and Clary being brother and sister but not wanting to be because they want to be more intimate. At the same time, Simon wants to be with Clary and Maia wants to be with Simon and Alec wants to be with Jace it is like a love pentagon?

There was a point in the book where the inquisitor looks at Jace and has a look in her face that maybe, maybe Jace isn't Valentines son but really Jace Wayland? But we will never know because the Inquisitor dies right then! I really want him to not be Valentines son, so Jace and Clary can be together. Tons of times someone is in the middle of saying something really important and then gets cut off and I am like come on! What was he going to say!

I hope some things get resolved more like how Simon can now be in the sun. Is it Jaces blood that lets him? Is it because Jace gave it to him voluntarily? Also, is Jace really Valentines son because tons of time it says Jace doesn't look like Valentine and most of the time Valentines says you carry my blood. But in a way, Simon carries Jaces blood now too, does that mean they are related? Did Valentine infuse him with his blood to be better? But he is isn't really his father? I have so many questions. I hope City of Glass answers some of them. I am a couple pages into it so far. Hopefully they can get Clary's mom to wake up so she can clarify some stuff too!

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