Monday, September 23, 2013

Blameless by Gail Carriger

This might have been my favorite of the series so far. Alexia is with child, and having just been disowned by her husband thinking the child is not his. To top it off Alexia must bunk in with her parent and in the course of one morning Alexia was announced in the paper about her "delicate condition", she was kicked out of her parents house, attacked by lady bugs, fired by Queen Victoria and had no where to live, and that all happens in the first couple of chapters.

Floote get more time in this book than the other books and he becomes my favorite character with his mysteriousness. Miss Hisselpenny doesn't get a much air time in this book which is why Floote becomes my favorite character. All the other characters from the previous book are in this one as well: Lord Akeldama, Professor Lyall, Biffy and Madame Lefoux.

Alexia goes through a lot in this book, more exercises she probably ever had running away from things trying to kill her, which is mostly vampires.

It is a great fun book and witty just like the last books!

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