Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Rising

After the first two book in this series, this one fell short. It was anti-climatic, there were so many ways this book could have went, but the ending was just okay. It doesn't even feel like the last book in the series. There is so much I would like answered. It really feels like we were teased with their abilities but never were given a real good description of anything. What is exactly Corey's ability? Why does he get headaches? Will they be able to help him? What exactly does a Xana do? And Daniels ability. Everything is just briefly touched upon but doesn't give you anything at all. All we mostly were given was what we already saw in the first two books: running, captured, escaped, running, running, running. Nothing really new or exciting in this book.

The book starts off where the last one left off. Maya, Daniel and Corey are still on the run trying to find out away to rescue there friend that have been captured and how to get in contact with their parents. There is a new character introduced in this one, Maya's brother. And also this book ties into with the other series from Kelly Armstrong, The Darkest Powers. So, if you haven't read that series yet you might want to, to better understand the last half of this book.

Overall, a bit repetitive, boring and anti-climatic :(

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