Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong

Chloe seems like a normal girl. She is pretty happy with her normal life even though her and her dad move around a lot. But this year she was able to start the school year without moving, she is in an art school she really likes and she has a group of friends. The day her life changes seems to be one of her best days, until a janitor no one else can see starts chasing her around the school with his face melting off, then everything turns for the worse. Chloe is placed in a group home with other teens and automatically given the labeled of schizophrenia by the doctors there.

At first Chloe takes it all in. She believes if she takes her meds the visions will go away. The soon that happens the sooner she can go back home, back to school, back with her friends, and back to being normal. All seems to be heading the right way, until Chloe's roomie is sent away and in the middle of the night comes back but vanishes just as quick. Chloe begins to think her old roomie might be a ghost. Trying to investigate what really happened to Liz, her roommate at the group home, Chloe begins to find out more about the group home. She realizes the group home isn't what she thought it was and Chloe herself, isn't what she thought she was...normal.

I enjoyed the book, Chloe compares all her decisions and experiences to movie scenes. Most of the time, her life is nothing like what she sees in the movies and things to happen the way she plans. Even though the book is about a time span of a week, Chloe learns a lot about herself. I feel like it should have been spaced out more because things happen to her pretty fast. But, that means there wasn't really any dull moments. There was a lot of actions a bit of twist and turns and I am excited to jump into the next one.

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