Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Everything was going perfect for Patch and Nora. For two months after the incident in gym Nora is in total bliss with her relationship with Patch. But, perfect does not stay perfect forever and right when Nora tells Patch she loves him everything starts to spiral downward and nothing is even close to perfect anymore. Thinking that the intimacy of saying 'I love you' to Patch scared him away Nora begins to get upset, then she finds out about the archangels, and then about Patch and Marcie. If that is not enough, there is a new guy in town from Nora's past that her mother was trying to set her up with. And, Nora begins to think she is seeing her dad again! Nora's mom also sold Nora's only form of transportation so she is stuck getting rides where ever she can find them.

The book is fast pace with a lot of obstacles for Nora. Nothing comes easy for Nora and she has to fight through everything. She tries not to let her feelings for Patch get in the way of her future but they keep coming back to haunt her. She has to deal with Marcie who has been picking on her since they were young and nothing seems to stop Marcie, and now she is even going after Patch. Not only that, but Nora gets the sense that someone might be trying to harm her as well!

I really enjoyed the book, the only thing I didn't enjoy was the ending when it leaves you with a question and then the end! I want to know what happens and it is going to be so hard to wake until the next book comes out.

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