Monday, November 15, 2010

Beautiful Darkness

I had to reread Beautiful creatures, before I read this one...My review for that one is further below.

For beautiful Darkness it begins at Macon's funeral and you can already see Lena is pulling away from Ethan, especially when an unexpected guy walks up to Lena and gives her a tiny sparrow. As Lena pulls away and starts to severe her connection with Ethan, Ethan will do anything to get Lena back. But, it seems like Lena is starting to sway towards the dark side by hanging out with Ridley and John Breed, the guy from the funeral. And as Lena makes an new guy friend, Ethan also makes a new girl friend Liv. Seems like Ethan has a thing for friends that have "L" name.

I did see a couple inconsistencies in the book. Ethan points out that Liv has probably only seen Blood Incubus in one of her caster volumes when they are confronted by Hunting and his gang. But, didn't Liv see Incubus at Exile earlier in the book in the tunnels when they were 1st looking for Lena?

Also, in the first book and this book it is mentioned many times that you can only go into the Lunae Libri during holidays when the regular library is closed, and no other days. And, they have to stick to the hours or they would get stuck in the Lunae Libri and they didn't know how a human would coup being stuck in there. But, in the descriptions the Lunae Libri seems to branch out into the tunnels with no boundary from the tunnels. So, how could they get stuck if they could just walk down another tunnel and open up a door way? Unless I am mistaken, but it seems like the Lunae Libri has no end and goes straight into the tunnels so how can it close if they can go into the tunnels whenever they please?

Also, Lena lives with Reece, so why didn't she go to Reece for help instead of Ridley? She said Ridley was the only one to help but Reece could help too? Maybe it is was because Lena only grew up with Ridley and not Reece so they weren't as close?

It kind of bothered me when Ethan would get saved just in the nick of time by Amma, Ridley, Aunt Prue, Leah. They would just pop out of the middle of nowhere. Yeah, Ethan questioned it each time and it was answered but it still seemed odd

But, even with the inconsistencies I still enjoyed the book. Last book had Boo, this book at Lucille who has a great personality. I also enjoy Links character with his manly garden shears that can open up caster tunnel doors. And Liv, I could hear her accent while I read. A lot of my questions were asked, like why did only two died at the end instead of all the dark casters when Lena chose. Did Lena get a new name? Where did Lucille always run off too.

In the next book, I hope Ridley turns good and gets some good powers I like her character.

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