Saturday, March 26, 2011

GraveMinder - Melissa Marr

Claysville is no ordinary town. The people of Claysville never get sick, never get diseases, rarely ever leave the town, and are protected until they reach the age of eighty. That is because the people of Claysville are in a contract with the dead. The only real threat to the people of Claysville is when the Graveminder fails to do her job. And, that is exactly what happens when Maylene, the Graveminder, is murdered by a dead girl.

Rebekkah and Bryon have been left out of the towns secret. They were not aware of the contract until it was forced upon them when Rebekkah's grandmother, Maylene, died and Rebekkah became the new Graveminder. And, with a new Graveminder, there is a new Undertaker, which is Bryon. Being kept out of the loop from the city's contract with the dead, they must figure out what is going on around the town before more people die.

If the Graveminder doesn't mind the graves of the dead, they come back as the Hungry Dead. Eating the towns people one by one until the Graveminder takes them to the tunnel that leads to death. Newly appointed as the Graveminder Rebekkah doesn't know how to stop the dead. There is one option though, for Bryon to take Rebekkah to the underworld to talk to Mr. D. But, the underworld is a dangerous place for Rebekkah. She can die in the underworld and the sights of the world are tempting for her. Without Bryon, the Undertaker, she could give in to the temptations of the world, just like her step sister.

The beginning starts out a bit slow, trying to piece together what it is going on in the small town of Claysville. The main characters Rebekkah and Bryon don't really figure out who they are and what they do until the middle of the book. Parts were a bit dull to me, and there was no real suspense for me in the book. But it was well written. I think my favorite character is Daisha, the dead girl.

This is the first book I have read from the author, Melissa Marr. The author seems to mainly do young adult. Although this is an Adult novel, I think this book is appropriate for young adults as well. There is a bit of sexual reference and a couple F words, but other than that, I have seen worse in young adult books.

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