Friday, March 4, 2011

Glimmerglass - Jenna Black

Dana's mom always warned her of Avalon. Always moving from place to place so Dana's father couldn't find her. But when Dana got tired of taking care of her always drunk mom, she decided to fly away to Avalon and find out the hard way who her father really was and just how dangerous Avalon could be. As soon as she gets there she is was locked up in a cell, kidnapped by a brother and sister duo, and attack by Spriggans...suddenly living with her drunken mom didn't sound so bad.

Something felt off to me as I read it. Maybe because she has a drunk mom who can barely take care of herself and Dana has to do everything for her mom. But, her mom seems able to snap out of it enough to have them move continuously? It seemed weak. The book altogether felt a little weak to me.

The Fae in Avalon can only be in Avalon or faerie they can't venture into the human world. And Humans can only go into Avalon but not into Faerie. Avalon is the in between. That seemed a little weak to me as well. Avalon seems like a quaint little town. And, Dana's dad has lived there all his life it seems like. Stuck in one town...Avalon. Because he can't go into the human world, but a man who has lived centuries seems okay with just seeing one town?

There is still a lot to know about Dana. Dana doesn't even know the extent of what she can do now. I hope the next book give more into that.

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