Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Relic Master, The Dark City - Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher is a great story teller. Much like her last series, Incarceron, she made up a detailed world. The world of Anara is a world built by the 4 Makers, surrounded by the 7 moons. But when the Makers left the world to the Order things began to fall apart. The watch began to take control destroying anything of the makers or the Order. No one in the order is safe, being hunted by the watch.

Galen, Relic Master, and Raffi, his apprentice, are keepers part of the Order and must be careful of who they trust. When a man comes to them asking them for help with a relic Raffi is hesitant. But, Galen who had recently lost all his keeper powers is careless and hasty in his decision to follow the man.

The man leads them to a group of thieves. Alberic their leader asks for the keepers help. A Sekoi has stolen from Alberic and he wants Galen to find this Sekoi for him. Galen, has other plans, he doesn't care about the Sekoi as long as the Sekoi's trail leads him to the city of Tasceron, his one last hope to regain his powers.

Galen is careless in his pursuit, with only one thing on his mind, regaining his powers, he continuously walks into the face of danger to get what he wants. Raffi is more cautious, having to look after his careless master. And, shouldering all the power as an apprentice since Galen can no longer use his third eye. Along the way they run into Carys Arrin, watcher, who has been hunting Galen. She tells them a story about her father in order to stick with them to see what they find in Tasceron.

The story goes back and forth from the Journal of Carys Arrin to the Journey of Galen and Raffi. Each chapter starts with a saying from different books from world of Anara either the words of the Watch or the words of the order.

This is a great book, with a lot of detail, and it is easy to imagine the world that the author is describing. I can't wait for the next book. Their are four books to this series and they all come out in 4 consecutive months in the summer starting with this one in May. There is a map of Anara in the front but it is only partial, a puzzle, and as you collect the books you can assemble Anara, the world of the Relic Masters.

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