Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Witches of East End - Melissa de la Cruz

The three Beauchamp woman have been restricted from using magic for centuries and have stayed pretty much magic free the entire time. Until one day Freya decides she doesn't want to be constrained anymore and just wants to do something small to help someone. Then, one by one they have an excuse to do a small bit magic, until it escalates into a larger problem! But that's not all happening in North Hampton, there is something new and strange that has arrived in town, something wicked.

The three Beauchamp ladies are: Freya about to be engaged, reads intense emotions and does love spells. Ingrid seer, healer and Librarian. Joanna mother, renovator and makes inanimate objects come to life.

Witches of East End is a riveting book, kept me wanting more the entire time. Melissa De La Cruz does an excellent job flowing the story. It was an easy read and I wasn't disappointed. The ending set up the next novel in the series as well.

I have never read the Blue Blood series, but it is crossed referenced a lot in this novel. Some of the characters from the Blue Blood series makes an appearance and it almost makes you want to know what is going on in that series from the way she places them in this book.

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