Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cordovan Vault - J Monkeys

Quinn and Kayla never liked each other in school, always pulling pranks on each other. Things get worst when Quinn's guardian Lorelei, his sister, falls in love with Kayla's guardian Jim, her brother, and they end up under the same roof together! Then, Jim and Lorelei marry! What is worst than that, Jim and Lorelei ditch their wedding reception for no apparent reason ultimately leaving Quinn and Kayla alone...together.

Quinn and Kayla are able to put away their differences as they try to figure out why their siblings left so abruptly for no apparent reason. Hoping for explanation at home, after the reception, all they find is a note saying they went to Philly instead of Hawaii for their honeymoon and an old letter from Kayla's mother that Jim wants her to solve. This leads to a purple key, a diary, a static phone call at 3am in the morning, hidden room in their pantry with a CD saying "PLAY ME" and a explanation on it saying "We are not who you think we are", and then their house exploding! All in one night!

Their findings lead them to Philly with the purpose of finding who they really are, where their siblings are, and who is trying to hurt them!

This books reminds me a lot of Da Vinci Code meets National Treasure meets a Rick Rhordian novel. This book even mentions one of Rick Rhordian novels, which I thought was funny. The beginning is very fast pace from the get go with one thing happening after another with action and adventure. But, as soon as they get to the Last Tain things start to slow down to a crawl as they are trying to figure out how to find their brother and sister and make money so they could continue on their quest.

Their are some things that confused me a bit, like for two kids trying to stay hidden, they were sure exposing themselves with easy access as they promoted the coffee bar and Quinn's music. Another thing that confused me was at one point Kayla is doing a search about Blue Hydrangea flowers and the page she finds has nothing to do whatsoever about the flowers but suspiciously about who might be following them, I didn't get how the two connected.

Thought the historical references were pretty cool especially the reference to door colors, but when I googled that to learn more I couldn't find any info about it and actually found out Red doors have a different meaning than said in the book. But their is lots of historical reference that were interesting to read about. I love learning bits of history in novels, putting truth in fiction is my favorite. I am not sure exactly if this book does that or not with my findings of door colors but it was still interesting!

The paranormal parts of the book are a little vague, and I am hoping the next book gets more into what they exactly are, are they witches, aliens, something else? There is still a lot happening after the book ends so their is lot to look forward to in the next book!

I really enjoyed this book, there are very subtle clues at the book progresses and if you catch on to them you might figure out the clue before the characters in the book do! Very fun to read and I look forward to the next one!

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