Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Girl vs Ghost - Kate McMurry & Marie August

Isabel and Tripp have been friends since 4th grade. Despite Tripp's the constant stream of new and different hobbies Isabel has stuck through them all with Tripp and even enjoyed a few. But, when Tripp begins to dapple in witchcraft and summoning Isabel has decided this isn't one that she would want to partake in, especially when she keeps having an eerie feeling that someone is watching them as Tripp does her seances. But, Isabel sticks it out and holds her candle throughout the rituals to pacify Tripp.

Not really expecting anything to happen during Tripp's seances, Isabel is stunned when a guy falls from the sky and into there salt circle. She is even more stunned when Tripp cannot see or hear this strange guy in her room and then proclaims he must be a ghost! Not only is Isabel the only that can see and hear this ghost, but she is also tethered to him. Literally tethered by a glowing orange rope no longer than 5ft. And, not only that but the ghost has no memory of who is he, or when he died.

All Isabel wants is to unleash herself from this ghost, before it ruins her life! But Tripp doesn't think it is all the bad and wants to figure out who this ghost is and help him out. So, in order for Isabel to be freed of him she must go on a quest to find out what happened to him and why he is tethered to her!

The beginning starts a little slow for me, and it is a bit confusing. But over half way through the book the pieces began to fall together and make more sense. Also the story began to pick up the pace and I really started to enjoy the book. Things aren't the way the seemed as the story continues on.

I think Tripp and Isabel are supposed to be 17? But, they come across much younger in my opinion. For instance, when they are in the thick of things trying to save Marc the ghost, Tripp tell Isabel that she has to play the part as Marc's girlfriend to find out more information. But, Isabel's first reaction to that situation is "Eeuuw" which seems a little juvenile of a response, especially for a girl in advance placement classes. And some of the dialogue is a little corny at times but I still enjoyed it.

There are also illustrations at the beginning of each chapter which gives you a glimpse of what is going to happen in the following chapter.

All in all, I liked the book it took me awhile to really get into and really enjoy it. The next book in the series is Witch vs Wizard which is about two characters from Girl vs Ghost. Tripp and Parker.

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