Monday, June 6, 2011

Tiger's Curse - Colleen Houck

Kelsey has just graduated high school and now needs to find a job. Luckily for her the employment agency had one for her, working as a temp for 2 weeks at the circus that just came into town. Kelsey's job includes, cleaning, selling tickets and taking care of the animals. One of those animals is a gorgeous white tiger that she takes a liking too. When the circus sells off the tiger to a rich connoisseur, Kelsey is asked to go along to India with the tiger to take care of it during the trip; since she had such a great connection with him. But, as soon as she gets to India she finds out that isn't the only reason she was chosen to come.

I thought this book would be a great book because of all the 5 star reviews and the lack of 1 and 2 stars...but this book barely peaked my interest. The prologue was my favorite part, it made the book look exciting. But after that, when Kelsey started to narrate, it seemed to go down hill from there.

There is way too much details in the book. Some of it is not really needed. Like step by step of everything Kelsey does right down to pulling her heel into her shoe. So much detail that it almost takes away from the story. There is a huge long discussion about the cars in India vs the cars in United states. That wasn't really needed, just took up room and did not help the plot at all. And, every time Kelsey touch the tiger she had to wash her hands, and make it clear that she needed to wash her hands because tiger licks are oh so disgusting.

**********May contain spoilers*********

Usually when something key happens in the book it is because it will strengthen the plot or have a key reference later on in the book. But there are some events that are added for no other reason than to add page numbers. For instance, there is a part when Kelsey is in India, in the jungle standing under a waterfall and a rock falls on her head and she goes unconscious. That whole part has nothing to do with the rest of the book, it is just a long segment of her getting a bump on her head. It is boring, and not needed. The book is huge anyway so really there was no need for it.

There are also lame excuses for the narrator to follow where the action may take place, to continue on with the story. Like Kelsey must come with one of the characters because Kelsey is known for causing trouble when left on her own. Even though, there is no evidence to support that she does get into trouble on her own actually it is the opposite. Or when Ren goes to look for his brother in the jungle, Kelsey must come because she might be able to help? But in fact she doesn't really help and it would have probably been better for her to wait in the jeep but then what kind of story would that be? And, the story would have been shorter.

At the beginning of the book a man turns Ren and his brother into tigers because he wants the amulets but then, what? just lets the tigers go free even though one of them is carrying one of the amulets? The whole purpose of turning them into tigers is to get the amulets but then he is no where to be seen for the rest of Ren's 300 and something life? I mean Ren's amulet is obviously easy to find, Ren is easy to find being in captivity so the whole thing seems a bit weak. The whole story line is weak.

I did really enjoy the mythology and the history that Kadam sprouts off. But, it almost seems like the author wikied the myths and then put them in word for word as Mr. Kadam's knowledge. A lot of the mythology is like the mythology in the series Kane Chronicles but where Kane Chronicles is Egyptian this is Indian but the Gods are similar. The author in the Kane Chronicles better describes the mythology and it flows better with the story.

Kelsey character is a bit bland and very old fashion in my opinion. At the beginning of the book she was okay, but at the end of the book she bothered me so much. Causing emotional problem for no reason just isn't cool. I did start to like Ren at the end of the book when he was able to talk more. I also did enjoy Mr. Kadam, he was a very likeable character.

I do want to know what happens to Ren, but I am not sure I want to continue on through all the annoying unneeded descriptions that are bound to be in the next book, I rather have the cliff notes please. So, for now, I think I am going to take a break from this series even though the other book is already out and read another series. I am reading Hex Hall now and so far it is pretty goo.

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