Friday, May 27, 2011

Outside In - Maria V. Snyder

In the last book Trella managed to pull off the rebellion and take the Travas and the Pop Cops out of charge. But, that didn't mean everything went happily ever after...Not everyone approved of the rebellion and the change of power. Now, Trella is faced with unhappy scrubs, non-agreeable committee members and others that she was not expecting!

Trella has a lot going on, she lost her best friend to outer space, she just found out her long lost mother was a traitor, her relationship with Riley hasn't been on good terms and people are trying to sabotage the Inside. Changing the Inside power all of a sudden doesn't feel like the freedom she thought it would, instead of the Travas it is now the committee and instead of the Pop Cop now there are the Mop Cop. All Trella wanted was for the uppers and scrubs just to get along, but it is turning out to be more difficult than she thought.

Logan might be my favorite character with his goofy personality and his joy of tinkering with gadgets. He even manages to make a couple more new gadgets in this book, and gadgets that we are use to but the characters in the book have never seen before. I just love Logan's giddiness to all things techno!

The title, Outside In, gives you a small clue of what this book will bring. Even with the hint of the title I was still guessing at what might happen next until it actually happened. This book has more of a Hunger Game feel than the last one as they fight for survival.

This is a great page turn that goes from one problem to a next! The twist were great, there are a lot of suspenseful moments, a couple surprises and all around great characters.

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