Monday, May 2, 2011

Mortal Instruments 1-3, Clockwork Angels and now City of Fallen Angels!

I reread Mortal instruments 1 thru 3 to get ready for Mortal Instruments 4: City of Fallen angels. I also reread Clockwork Angels. I previously wrote reviews on those 4 books. This review is for City of Fallen Angels.

After finishing this book, I feel like the Mortal Instruments series should have stopped with the third one. The bad guy had died and they were pretty much safe. Clary got Jace, it was a nice ending.

City of Fallen Angels, starts out slow. Clary is learning how to be a shadowhunter, Simon is avoiding learning how to be a vampire and Jace is having strange dreams. There is a new character named Kyle, who is pretty interesting. And, there are some characters from the Clockwork Angel book, but I don't think it is really all that necessary to read that book before this one, because mostly everything that you need to know from Clockwork Angel about those characters is also in City of Fallen Angels.

I didn't think there were any big action scenes at all in this novel. There were a couple very small fight scene that didn't get much description in my opinion. I think this novel was pretty much a intermission book between bad guys. That is all I am going to say about that...

This book, I believe, mainly centers around Simon. He is a very valuable commodity and everyone seems to want him for something. Being a Daylighter and with the mark of Cain on him. Not only that but he has put him self in a risky position, dating two girls at the same time: Isabelle and Maia. Plus, he is having family trouble at the same time as someone is trying to kill him.

I will read the next book, because I think it will pick up in action and storyline in the next one. Just the last couple sentences of this one makes you want to know what happens next in the next one!

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