Monday, May 16, 2011

Throne of Fire, Kane Chronicle - Rick Riordan

I had to reread The Red Pyramid, before I could start this one, so I could remember what was going on!

This time around Sadie and Carter have a 5 day deadline to save the world from Apophis who wants to swallow the sun and destroy the Earth! But, because of the 1st recording of The Red Pyramid they had a couple people answer their called to help them defeat Apophis!

Because they are the Kane's they are always getting in trouble, like lighting Brooklyn on fire and getting bitten by a poison two headed snake. But, they are not alone in their adventures, they have the help from a new God that wasn't in the last book, and this God is full of personality.

You think you learned a lot about Egyptian mythology in the first book of this series, but there is even more in this one. There is a bunch of new Gods in this one, and adventures similar to the ones in the Myths.

Again, sometimes I do get confused about who is narrating whether it is Sadie or Carter. And, Sadie has lost some of British slang living in Brooklyn, so it is even hard to differentiate. There are couple new faces training with Sadie and Carter in the Brooklyn house of night. Some of the ones that stick out the best are Walt who as a secret and Felix who loved summoning up penguins.

Great adventure book, there is always something happening, and the ended leaves you ready for the next one but not really as a cliffhanger. There are a lot of unanswered questions at the end of the book to get you wanting to read the next one right away.

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