Monday, June 13, 2011

DemonGlass - Rachel Hawkins

Sophie's been attached by a werewolf, had semester long cellar duty, nearly murdered by a warlock working for the eye, found out she is a demon, seen a girl murdered by her great grandmother, found out her dad is the head of the council...and that was only the 1st semester at Hex Hall! And this book starts out with her tied up and thrown in a pond that demons, which she is, cannot escape from!

Sophie is having a hard time dealing with the fact she is a demon. Afraid that she might "monster" out and eat her friends she has asked to go through the Removal process. The removal removes the demon part of her so she no longer has powers. But, the Removal process might kill her, so her dad makes her a deal. He asks her to come with him to England for the summer to learn about her demon side. And, if after the summer she still wants to go through the process after everything she learns then she can. But, Sophie doesn't just accept to learn about her demon side, she has accepts because there is a chance she can spot Archer in England were rumors have been saying he has been.

Sophie's thinks her chances to find Archer diminish when her dad takes her, Jenna, and Cal (Sophie's betrothed) to a village three hours from London to keep Sophie safe...but Sophie still finds a way to get in trouble and to find Archer...

The demon raising part is a little confusing to me in this book. It is said that by only using the Grimoire you can raise demons. But, in the last book 4 students raised a demon with out it. So, unless I am missing something, it seems like the book is contradicting itself. But, that is the only thing that bothered me the rest of the book was great! Tons of excitement, I just could not put the book down...and then when the book ended! I was so upset because there is tons left unanswered! I want to know so much more, what happens to the Characters? It leaves you in a big cliff hanger.

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