Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fallen - Lauren Kate

Have you ever had that feeling like you knew someone from before when you meet them for the first time? That is how Luce feels about Daniel. The whole novel she is tugging at this feeling she has, this itch at the back of her mind that she has known Daniel from somewhere before. The prologue tells you she does but just enough to wet your appetite for this book. Throughout the novel you get bits and pieces of who they really are.

I thought all the characters had great and unique personalities. Penn the book worm with her layers of clothes, Arriane with her craziness, Gabbe with her southern drawl. All are different and fun to read about.

Great book, very enticing to read, keeps you guessing and wanting more from the ominous black shadows that follow Luce around, to her haunted past, to her quirky friends. If you read and liked Hush Hush you will like this book. Also, the love story is similar to Twilight, that feeling of urgent love.

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