Monday, July 11, 2011

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray

Beauty Queens is a funny story, but at times quite annoying with the excess stuff like Commercial breaks and footnote that would take way from the story. I know the author is trying to make fun of politics, reality shows, government, etc...but sometimes she just went a little overboard making the book unappealing to read.

The book is about 14 surviving beauty queens whose plane crashed onto an island. They learn to live on the island while waiting for rescue, but rescue might never come. Each girl has their own personalities. There is the ditzy girl, the pre pre med girl, the smart girl, the girl with the dark secret etc. Out of the 14 girls 10 are named. 4 are left to be called Miss Ohio, Miss New Mexico, Miss Montana and Miss Arkansas. There is a reason to this later on. For a while, I actually thought Miss Arkansas died and I skipped over it in the book because she never ever is referenced in the book but only once. Almost, to the end of the book they say Miss Arkansas name again, but for most of the book, I kept thinking what happened to Miss Arkansas? Because everyone had dialogue but her.

You get to learn the history of the 10 girls that are named, and learn why they went into the Miss dream pageant. It was interesting learning their back stories. They all had different reasons to be a beauty queen and they are not as dumb as you think!

I think I would have liked the book more if it had less snarky footnotes and commerical breaks.

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