Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Absolutely, Positively - Heather Webber

Before I went ahead and read this book, I reread Truly, Madly and Deeply, Desperately. I really enjoy both of those books so it was a great refresher

Lucy Valentine's family have been matchmakers since cupid gave them the ability to see peoples auras. But along with the gift came a curse, cupid's curse making all Valentines unable to see their own auras leading to all relationship not working out so good.

Lucy wants to believe that maybe this cupid curse will skip her since when she was 14 her power got zapped and turned into the ability to find lost objects. The cupid curse could have been zapped away as well! Lucy has been in a relationship with Sean the PI from upstairs and is hoping that is the case, especially since at the end of deeply desperately she gets a vision of her in a wedding dress and him in a tux!

Just like the other two novels, there are a couple cases Lucy is working on.
- 23 year old Meaghan Archibald's quest to find Tristan Rourke, her first love, whom last know address was prison. This case is difficult one for her, on a moral stand and on her relationship with Sean.
- Lucy's grandmother Dovie, wants her to look into the case of Mac Gladstone who had been missing for the past six weeks and Dovie suspects foul play.

Other things are happening in Lucy's life that she has to deal with as well, like the fact that Sean is looking for a new place to live and Lucy's dilemma of whether she should offer her place to him, Sean's health and the fact that Lucy's parents are dating...each other! And of course Lucy has the ongoing battle with Preston in her quest for big stories and her constant sniffing around for Lucy's family secret...but Preston does have the Lone Ranger mystery to keep her busy.

The book ties together quite nicely at the end, with a few nice twists...but there are a few things that are left hanging that makes you want more! I love the comic relief and find myself giggling at some of the things Lucy says, especially what she says to Preston.

A lot of the chapters will either end with a question or a comment that makes you chuckle. Or, something just happen and you want to continue on to see what the outcome will be.

Great novel, and I can't wait for the next one!

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