Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spy Glass - Maria V Snyder

After losing all her powers and strength. Spy Glass starts off with Opal moping at her parents house, recovering and helping her mom arrange her sister Mara's wedding to Leif. But Opal being Opal can't be safe and bored at home. Nope, she must be in harms way. How does she do it this time? She decides she must go after the blood Tricky siphoned from her when he held her captivate. Because if it got in the wrong hands, it could cause a lot of trouble and Opal couldn't live with that. Opal heads to Fulgor where Tricky and his gang is jailed to get some answers. But of course it isn't as easy as she thinks.

In this book, Opal encounters new enemies, new trouble, and new ways to take advantage of magic. Of course there is a love triangle as well. There is a lot of adventure. And she enlist a lot of old faces to help her with adventures. And she needs those friends a lot because she gets in trouble in Fulgor, Ognap, Bloodrose clan pennisula, and the Citadel. Opal does learn to trust more in this book. And she still makes the same mistakes putting her in the worst positions ever.

It is a good fun read. All the books from the Glass series and Study series seem to all have the same underline plot. There are a few twist in this book, but it is easy to pick them apart before it actually happens and figure it out before it is revealed in the book. But it was fun to read and I enjoyed reading about Opal, Kade, Devlen, Janco and all the others in this book.

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