Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Enticed - Carrie Jones

I read this book, before starting the Glass trilogy. I just forgot to post the review!

Zara just turned into a pixie, her boyfriend is dead or stuck in Valhalla, her grandmother is worried sick about her, she has missed consecutive days of school. But what does Zara White decide to do first before everything else? Go to a school dance!

Pixies are terroizing the town. FBI are coming into investigate the strange occurances. But all Zara is really worried about is rescuing Nick because if she can't rescue Nick then turning into a Pixie was all for nothing. All Zara can think of is going to Valhalla to get Nick...Because that will make everything better.

The first book in the series listed a phobia at the beginning of the chapter, the 2nd listed pixie tips, and this time this one has news snippets of what is happening in the town. There seems to still be holes in the writing. But it is a good fun quick read.

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