Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sea Glass - Maria V. Snyder

My review for the 1st book in this trilogy is back in August. I re read it again before I read this one.

In Storm Glass, Opal found Kade, escaped Devlen. But now she must find Ulrick and endure the councils wrath, upon finding out about her new powers. In Sea Glass, people are not who they seem to be. Opal has a hard time figuring out who to trust. People use her, mistreat her and take advantage of her through out the book and Opal feels like she can only trust in herself.

Devlen, still is a thorn in Opals side. When you think you have seen the last of Devlen he always manages to pop back into the story. Opal has to escape a lot of bad scenarios just like the first book. She has a lot of people wanting to do harm to her. But this time around, Janco, an familiar face from the Study trilogy, is Opals partner in crime.

Opal learns more about her powers and about herself in this book. I enjoyed the storyline and all the characters. The characters have a lot of depth to them. Even characters who only make a small appearance.

This quote from the book pretty much explains Opal through the book: "being a piece of sea glass. High tides, low tides, storms, sand and mistakes all contributed to the polishing process." Other than that, I am not quite sure the title Sea Glass defines this book. There is a little section that has Sea Glass involved but it really doesn't go along with the rest of the book. Mostly, Opal seems to be in a Sea of trouble all the time.

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