Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Captivate - Carrie Jones

Zara is going on with her life, normal activities: going to school, hanging out with friends. But, in the back of her mind she continues to think about the pixies. Worried they will attack at any moment. She begins to worry even more when other pixies from other territories begin to show up including King pixies. Zara had weaken her father the pixie king and now the rest are coming to claim his territory and wreak havoc in Zara's town! And if that is not enough, Zara begins to have a strange reaction to Kings...she turns blue!

Phobia chanting isn't so prominent in this book than the first one. She seems like she is always scared but she doesn't say many phobias. The phobias are replaced with pixie tips which are supposed to be funny. But feel redundant and childish.

Throughout the book Zara doesn't always make the best choices. A lot of the characters and dialogue is annoying. At one point I think the plot is redeeming itself, and then the plot changes and it is back to being confusing and contradicting.

I never really figure out what the need is that pixies have, and why some have it and some don't. And only at certain times. There seems to be too many causes for the need and not enough answers. Lots of things still don't make sense in the book. I feel like there are so many holes in the storyline. Things continue to contradict each other.

One question I do have is...why doesn't Zara's pixie father have a name? He is just father, dad, pixie king but never has a name.

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