Friday, August 12, 2011

Torment -

After the angel fight in Sword & Cross, Luce is flown away to the other side of the states to be protected at a school called Shoreline in Fort Bragg CA. Here, Luce seems to have a bit of fame, everyone who is a nephilim at this school knows Luce's epic love story with Daniel, even better than she does.

Here Luce tries to figure out her relationship with Daniel, is it all it is cracked up to be. Being she has only know him for a bit and he seems to belittle her every chance he gets. Which is quite frustrating in my opinion. But, she is also trying to figure herself out, to figure out her past, to figure out the things Daniel is not telling her.

I was excited to see the novel take place in a place I love and have been to, Fort Bragg! I have been their many times in my life and was excited to be able to picture the place in my head as I read. But, I sadly realized, that the author may have never been their herself. Getting facts wrong like Marines that are stationed there...that is the other Fort Bragg in NC. I know it is a fictional book, but I thought since she was using a real town, she would use real facts about that town.

There are a lot of new things in this book, new school, new friends, even Luce seems to have a new outlook on things. Instead of all Fallen Angel friends, Luce now has Nephilim friends: Miles, Shelby, Dawn and Jasmine. I do love the personality of all the characters, that is my favorite part of the book, the storyline may be blah and frustrating but the characters are pretty filled out and interesting.

In the end, I still had questions, didn't seem like much was answered from the first book and this one just added more. I don't want to give any thing away but her boy relationships are just so frustrating. And, for the fact that everyone knows her story and all the angels stories, then there is a part where she doesn't bring up Cam to someone because they wouldn't know who he is...kind of contradicts the part that he is in their history books. Things just didn't click for me in this book.

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