Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Supernaturally - Kiersten White

Evie finally got her own locker! But that doesn't mean everything is perfectly normal now, quite the opposite actually. After figuring out she was an Empty One, now Evie is trying to figure out exactly where is fits in.

I really enjoyed this book, but I liked Paranormalcy much more than this one. In Paranormalcy it was hard to figure out where the plot was heading, in this one I was able to figure out what was going on before Evie. And I kept thinking, why hasn't she figured it out already! It is right there in front of her nose! So when was finally revealed, I wasn't shocked. But, don't get me wrong! This book is great! I mean it starts out with the sentence, "Oh, bleep. I was going to die" and then heads right into the adventure. There is tons of funny laugh out loud moments just like Paranormalcy as well.

There is a new character in this one, Jack. And you get to learn a bit about the characters in the previous novel. You really get to understand Arianna better. And you get to learn about Evie's past and what exactly happened to her when she was lost as a child.

There is a part of the plot that is left hanging in the end. Throughout the novel it is subtly regarded in between all the things happening to Evie, so it is almost easy to forget that it was left and not answered at the end of the book. Hopefully that part is answered in the next book, Endlessly!

************The spoiler of what was left hanging*********************

Throughout the book elementals are going missing. Lends mother is not even answering their calls. Paranormals are looking at Evie funny, and all the secret meetings Nona is having with other paranormals. None of that is addressed at the end of the book. What are happening to all the elementals paranormals? What is going on in the Paranormal world? Why are all these new paranormals popping up? I hope that is all answered in the next one!

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