Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scorpio races

This is a world where seahorses are large, sinewy, hungry, dangerous creatures, called Capaill uisce, that stumble ashore a small island in the middle of the Atlantic every October and wreak havoc on the townspeople. Where the townspeople have made a tradition out of this event and every year in the month of October go out and catch themselves a Capall uisce to race in the dangerous Scorpio Races where at least one man dies every year.

Puck, stuck between a rock and a hard spot in her life, decides to race in the Scorpio Races in hopes to win and use the money to wipe away all her troubles. But Puck barely has any experience with the races and really doesn't even know exactly what happens in this dangerous race. But times are tough for her and the only answer for her is to win the race. On the other end of the spectrum, Sean Kendrick has won the races 4 times all ready and knows everything you need to know about the races and the dangerous creatures, the Capaill uisce. But he is racing for other reasons, and one of those reasons is his Capall uisce Corr.

This is a great book. Tons of emotion and adventure. You really get to know the characters. Even the horses have such depth to them that you feel for them as well. You really get to know Puck, Sean, Dove and Corr. Also, the villain of the book Mutt Malvern really strikes a nerve with you and you instantly hate him like the other characters in the book.

I think this book might be based maybe in the late 20s early 30s. It has that old fashion vibe to it, but it doesn't really give you any hints to when it takes place. But that doesn't really matter because the plot really takes you and there is so much more that is going on that you really don't even need to know what era it is.

Even after the books ends, you want to continue on with the characters, but alas, I believe this book is a one trick pony, as in there is no books after it. But if I am wrong please correct me!

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