Monday, September 26, 2011


The Leviathan series is such a great series, and I wish this one wasn't the last one but I think it is. I love how the author intertwines real history and fiction to make an exciting novel! Goliath has just as much history as the previous two. And, just like the previous two novels, at the end of the book the author tells you a little bit more history as he separates what really happened in real life and what he made up in the book.

I found myself rooting for Deryn and Alek the entire book. Wonder when and if Deryn's closely hid secret would come out and what would the consequences entail. Bovril is just as perspicacious as ever in this book and the little snatches of words he said always made me smirk. But in this book Bovril is becoming even more perspicacious and figures a lot of stuff out before anyone else does. It is fun to read Bovril little clues in the words he repeats.

If you wanted more fabricated beasties and clanker machines then this book will not disappoint. There is a bunch more fabricated beasties and new clanker machines that make an appearance in this book and illustrations to show them off as well. The Leviathan also goes flying to more than one new country and is always in a new adventure with Deryn right smack in the middle of it!

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