Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella

Bree's point of view was way different than Bellas. In a way I felt like the narrative was closer to how Stephanie Meyers narrated Host instead of the Twilight Saga, but I liked it regardless. It was a new take on young vampires, I like how the author played off of how we the audience portrayed vampires before we even started to read the Twilight Saga.

Even though, I knew the outcome of Bree's story before I even read it because of Eclipse I was hoping it would be different. I became so attached to Bree and her short story. Stephanie did a great job of giving a story to the character Bree who only had a small roll in Eclipse. You feel for Bree in this story. It was very well done. The only thing I wished was that Stephanie started from the very beginning of Bree's second life and not 3 months in. But she does in away take you back to see how Bree was changed at the beginning, but I would of liked to see more.

This book made me see Riley in a different light as well. And I liked the other characters that never were in the Twilight Saga but made into this book like Freaky Fred and Diego.

I look forward to Stephanie Meyer portraying other characters that we barely know, she does a great job at it.

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