Monday, June 14, 2010

Burned, House of Night

The book starts out with Zoey in the otherworld not sure if she wants to put her soul back together and return to her body or stay in the other world forever with Heath. At the same time, Aphrodite and Stark are in Venice with the High Council trying to figure out away to get Zoey back in her body. Stark will do anything to save Zoey, but he must confront the demons inside of himself in order to find a way to Zoey. Also, back in Tulsa, Stevie Rae is fighting her own problems along with trying to find away to get Zoey back as well. Stevie Rae tries to fight Darkness in many different forms and also at the same time trying to figure out her 'boy' problems.

After this book, I am starting to not like Stevie Rae as much as I use to. She seems to be turning into a second Zoey with always using her gift to save her, lying to everyone, and having all her boy problems get in her way. But, like Zoey, Stevie Rae is now a High Priestess. I am starting to think one of the requirements of being a high priestess is to become a whore, as Dallas puts it. Plus, the amount of times Stevie Rae uses the Earth energy she is soon going to kill it, it is ridiculous.

This book seems much more vulgar than the previous books. Aphrodite and Stark seem more vulgar in there attitudes. I thought this was a book for young adults? Seem to be way too raunchy and vulgar. There are no really lessons in this book unless you want to teach someone how to go from one guy to another in a blink of the eye. Like Stevie Rae pretty much did in this book, and Zoey has done in the past.

It seems like the authors try so hard to give each character their own voice in which it borders on the point of being really annoying. For example, Dallas saying 'girl' a million times, I started to wince whenever I read him saying girl. And the Scottish guy Seoras, I couldn't understand anything he was saying.

It was typical that Dallas changed and how he all of a sudden has an affinity right before he changes, even though affinities are supposed to be really rare. What is rare, is fledglings with out an affinity in this series. And of course he has to become the new villain because only a day or two has gone by since a new villain came into play.

Some other stuff that bothered me was the quotes that some of these characters said. Stevie Rae comments at one point: "I have to deal with the shitstorm Dallas is brewin' up" These girls can never take blame on themselves. If she was only honest in the beginning none of that would have happened. But then there wouldn't have really been much of a book. Another quote is when Stark comes to the realization that "Zoey loved Heath, maybe even more than she loved him" you think? Zoey has know Heath for years. And, what...she has known Stark for like five days? But yet they are pretty inseparable at the end of the book.

And, what was with the ghost kid talking to Rephaim? Was it just way to use up more page space to fill even more of the book with nonsense. Hopefully more will be in the next book about that. I just can't stop reading, hoping the authors will redeem themselves and actually put in lessons for there young adults that are good instead is okay to sleep with your teacher, it is okay to sleep with a guy you have only known for a matter of days, it is okay to do whatever you like because you think you are better than everyone else, and it is okay to treat people like crap..etc.

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