Monday, January 4, 2010

books books books!

I have been reading, I just haven't been posting. I finished the Percy Jackson trilogy. It was really good but the ending makes you think that there might be another series that will come along with Percy Jackson as a side character instead of the main character. Kind of like Uglies, Tally was the main character for the first three books and then time went by and there was the book Extras and Aya was the main character but Tally still had a apperance in the book. I don't know if the author Rick Riordan is going to do that because he is coming out with a new series called The Kane Chronicles which I already have in my wish list to read once it comes out.

After reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians I went on to read the last book in the Millenuium series The Girl who Kicked the Hornet Nest. You can't get it in the US yet, but if you are really wanting to read it you can get it from the UK. The book was non stop until the end. Even the last couple of pages you were really into it wonder how it was going to end! The book started where The Girl who Played with Fire ended, with Lisbeth barely alive with three gun shots: one to the head, one to the shoulder and one to the hip. The books goes with Mikael trying to get Lisbeths freedom back while she is locked up in the hosptial recovering. It is a really great book. After I was done I found the movies which were in Swedish and started to watch them with sub titles!

Right now I am reading Beautiful Creatures and so far it is really good. It takes a different aspect with the narrator being a guy instead of a girl which normally these books are. Ethan, the narrator, has been having dreams of a girl but he doesn't know who she is until a new girl comes to school. If you liked Twilight you will probably like this one. I am about half way through.

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