Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful creatures, what immortals call the mortals who believe that they can change everything.

Ethan is an everyday boy living in an everyday small town where nothing is ever changing and no one ever leaves. Until he starts having dreams about a girl he had never met, and a month later she shows up in his life.

The book is a love story like a lot of the other young adult stories out there. Beautiful Creature is a lot like Twilight and Hush Hush with mystical creatures falling in love with a mortal. Beautiful Creatures is narrated by Ethan a sixteen year old boy who falls in love with Lena. Lena is different then you normal girl and Ethan soon finds out exactly what Lena, the girl of his dreams, really is. And, when he does, his whole life begins to change. His everyday town that he thought he knew everything about has secrets that he didn't even know about.

I really enjoyed the book, I found myself getting lost in the story. You find yourself despising Mrs. Lincoln and rooting for Lena and Ethan's relationship even though everyone is against it. And throughout the whole book you keep wondering what will happen on Lena's sixteenth birthday.

The ending leaves me with questions, will there be a second one? Is there something now going to happen on Lena's 17th birthday? And, why didn't Lena's name change like all the rest of her family members?

But overall good book. :)

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